Recent parenting picks!

Learn what the experts think on how to raise children with strong self-esteems, how to make art accessible to kids, mindfulness for children and sewing clothes for pre-schoolers with these great new additions to our branch libraries!

Art and how it works : an introduction to art for children / Kay, Ann
“This enticing introduction to art appreciation for children looks at art history, themes in art, and art techniques – from cave paintings to modern art.Children will learn to step back, think, and look at art in a new way. This fabulous book explores themes in art, including women in art and symbolism in art. Kids will be encouraged to look closely at a painting and understand why and how it was made.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Proactive parenting : help your child conquer self-destructive behaviours and build self-esteem / Saligari, Mandy
“The pressures faced by children and adolescents today are unprecedented, and the corresponding statistics around poor mental health deeply alarming. Proactive in approach, top addiction therapist Mandy Saligari provides the tools to help you identify and address the self-destructive patterns of behaviour, to stop them in their tracks. Her practical framework reveals how you can adapt your own behaviour and equip your child to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and self-esteem.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Calm : mindfulness for kids / Kinder, Wynne
“Teach your kids how to focus their thoughts and notice the world around them with this fun mindfulness kids activity book. Mindfulness activities are a great way to teach children about their thoughts and feelings and how to understand them – while having fun at the same time.This book is packed with activities – make a mindfulness jar, learn how to appreciate food with mindful eating, and get out into nature and explore the outside world.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The orchid and the dandelion : why some children struggle and how all can thrive / Boyce, W. Thomas
In The Orchid and the Dandelion, Dr W. Thomas Boyce – one of the world’s foremost researchers in the field of paediatric health – presents findings that children have two very different responses to their environments. While some children are like dandelions and can thrive in almost any environment, there are others who, like orchids, are much more reactive and susceptible to their surroundings. Now we finally have a scientific framework to understand people, know how to address their unique needs and help them find their fullest potential.This groundbreaking book draws on extensive research, examples and real stories that will re-frame how we think about orchid and dandelion children and the adults those children have become.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Human body : a children’s encyclopedia / Walker, Richard
“This encyclopedia will knock spots off your biology textbook! Get under the skin of human anatomy with large, clear photographs, graphics, and CGI images that show everything you need to see in detail. Annotations and captions explain how everything works clearly and simply, without overwhelming. From the skin through muscles, tissues, organs, and nerves right down to your bones, you will be able to understand not only how your body works, but also your brain and the way you think, feel, and behave.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Smart mothering : what science says about caring for your baby and yourself / Flynn, Natalie
“Every new mother is given loads of advice on how to look after her baby, but what does the research actually say? This research-based book sorts out the facts from the opinions.” (Catalogue)

They’ll be okay : 15 conversations to help your child through troubled times / Smart, Collett
“If you’re a parent who feels like you just don’t know how to talk to your children about difficult topics, this book has all the tools you need. There is invaluable advice on how to talk about some of the most confronting subjects, including pornography, misogyny and harassment, objectification and body image. There’s also important information about emotional intelligence, empathy, respect and manners. Whether you want to prepare your child for the years ahead or you have an issue that needs to be addressed right now, this is the must-have book to help keep your children safe, whole and happy in these challenging times.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

What’s my child thinking? : practical child psychology for modern parents / Carey, Tanith
“Make every moment with your child count. Tap into the psychology behind your child’s behaviour at every stage of development, and respond with confidence.Find out what your child really means when they say “Look what I’ve done!”, “But, I’m not tired”, or “You’re embarrassing me” – and discover what’s really going on when they can’t express themselves at all.Taking more than 100 everyday situations, the book leads you through scenarios step by step, explaining not only your child’s behaviour and the psychology behind it but also your own feelings as a parent. It then gives instant recommendations for what you could say and do in response to best resolve the situation.”(Adapted from Catalogue)

Making children’s clothes : 25 stylish step-by-step sewing projects for 0-5 years / Hardy, Emma
” Make charming clothes for your children by combining a few easy-to-learn stitches with great fabrics and trims–choose from 25 different projects, including dresses, simple shirts and elasticated trousers, sleepwear, and accessories such as hats, bibs, bootees, and aprons. There are clothes for young boys and girls, toddlers and babies, all with full-size paper patterns provided.” (Adapted from Catalogue)