Come along to hear Helen Brown talking about her playful cat called Bono!

Come along to hear about Bono, a rescued cat with magnetic eyes, who changed the lives of a family. This is the story of a cat with sweet but nervous attitude and a tragic background, who inspired the community. When Helen was invited to visit New York, she was faced with an unexpected request. To her surprise, she was asked to take care of Bono, a homeless cat with sweet but nervous attitude. And, there was more… Bono had lots of energy, was clever and unpredictable and with an attitude.

Helen and Bono developed an amazing relationship full of challenges and surprises. It’s a funny and insightful story, celebrating life, love and new beginnings…

Helen Brown will give a brief talk about her book, followed by a reading and will respond to invited questions from the audience.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 – 6:30pm at the Wellington Central library

Ground Floor – Young Adult Area