My Discoveries Saved Lists and Tags

Person writing in notebook by laptopAs part of our ongoing programme to upgrade our catalogues, this is advance notice that My Discoveries will no longer be available after 23 December 2018. My Discoveries forms a part of the library’s Easyfind catalogue to allow you to create lists or tags and save links to items.

Many people have taken advantage of this service to create and save lists, and therefore we wanted to give notice of this change to provide time to note and transfer titles. Regretfully we have not been able to establish an ‘export’ option to extract saved lists, tags or reviews easily. However, links and text can be copied and pasted to save in another document.

We have decided to make this step because My Discoveries was not continuing to be developed by the supplier (so over time it would not display on newer browsers and screens and cannot be transferred to a new mobile friendly catalogue search). In addition, our new Catalogue (which is continuing to be actively developed and improved) includes many of the features of My Discoveries.

We also strongly recommend that if you have compiled links within your lists to individual items in the EasyFind catalogue, that you take the opportunity to change those links to point to our new Catalogue. If you’re not sure how to create lists or save searches in the new Catalogue, please note this option or ask a library staff member.

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