June Fashion and Beauty

Get your hair did with our new hairstyling book Style Your Hair, part of our monthly Fashion and Beauty picks for June. You can also read up on the family scandal behind Gucci’s glamour, and Wardrobe Crisis will teach you about who made the beloved garments in your wardrobe, and where they come from (and will possibly help you avoid a wardrobe crisis of your own!). My pick for this month is our brand new book Audrey and Givenchy; the story of this famous fashion relationship and beautiful enduring friendship just never gets old.

Syndetics book coverAudrey and Givenchy : a fashion love affair / Cindy De La Hoz.
“Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon, got her start in the early 1950s, just as a young French designer, Hubert de Givenchy, was beginning his legendary career. Over the course of their forty-year friendship and professional partnership, both became fashion icons whose collaborations influenced trends for generations to come. Audrey and Givenchy is a celebration of their work both onscreen and off, featuring fashion profiles on such classics as Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Charade, How to Steal a Million, and perhaps greatest of all, Funny Face.” (adapted from amazon.com)

Syndetics book coverIn the name of Gucci : a memoir / Patricia Gucci ; with Wendy Holden.
“In In the Name of Gucci, Patricia Gucci charts her parents’ untold love story, relying on her own childhood memories as well as an archive of love letters and interviews with her mother. She interweaves her parents’ story with that of her own relationship with her father–from a little girl who wasn’t publicly acknowledged for her first decade, through her rise to become Aldo’s protégé, to the moment when his three sons, who betrayed him in a famous palace coup, were disinherited and Patricia — once considered the shame of Gucci — was made sole universal heir.” (adapted from publisher)

Syndetics book coverWardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion [paperback]
“Today we rarely know the origins of the clothes hanging in our closets. The local shoemaker, dressmaker and milliner are long gone, replaced by a globalised fashion industry worth $1.5 trillion a year. In Wardrobe Crisis, fashion journalist Clare Press explores the history and ethics behind what we wear. Press examines the entire fashion ecosystem, from sweatshops to haute couture, unearthing the roots of today’s buy-and-discard culture. Wardrobe Crisis is a witty and persuasive argument for a fashion revolution that will empower you to feel good about your wardrobe again.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverClive Arrowsmith : fashion, beauty and portraits.
“Clive Arrowsmith is a celebrated London-based international photographer. After leaving art school where he studied painting and design, he began taking photographs whilst working as a graphic designer for television. Leaving television to work as a photographer, he soon gained commissions from leading fashion magazines. Clive continues to work in this genre in both editorial and advertising photography and is equally known for his music and celebrity images. Having worked on many major stills advertising campaigns, Clive has continued to broaden his creative scope moving on to direct commercials. This is the first book to celebrate his career.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverFashion Game Changers Reinventing the 20th-Century Silhouette: Reinventing the 20th-Century Silhouette [hardback]
Fashion Game Changers traces radical innovations in Western fashion design from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Challenging the traditional silhouettes of their day, fashion designers began to liberate the female body from the close-fitting hourglass forms which dominated European and American fashion. This way, a new relationship between body and dress emerged for the 21st century. This beautifully illustrated book showcases some of the most revolutionary silhouettes and innovative designs of over 100 years of fashion.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverCouture Confessions : Fashion Legends in Their Own Words
“Vionnet, Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, McQueen–these names define haute couture, and long after the designers have passed away, their influence on fashion continues to be profound. In an exceptional compilation of the original words of these couturiers, Couture Confessions provides a unique and in-depth look at the lives and work of these fashion icons. Featuring striking illustrations by internationally recognized illustrator Yann Legendre, each “interview” asks the questions every fashion lover has always wanted to ask, making these legends approachable, human, and ever more inspiring.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverTry It! Style Your Hair [paperback]
“Banish bad hair days for good with Try It! Style Your Hair! Achieve the perfect look with Try It! Style Your Hair‘s detailed tutorials and clever tips. Master a range of professional techniques for creating hairstyles from braids to buns and the latest on-trend looks. Hairstyling becomes easy with photo guides to teach you how to create faux bobs and amazing up-dos. Try It! Style Your Hair is the perfect advice kit for trying new looks, packed with inspiring ideas no matter what your hair length or type.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)