The best of the best: must reads from recent fiction selections

The following titles have been chosen from our monthly new fiction selections. They are all highly recommended for great reading.

Syndetics book coverYuki Chan in Bronte country / Mick Jackson.
A delightful, witty story, with dark overtones, set during winter in bleak West Yorkshire.

Syndetics book coverThe Kitchen / Ollie Masters, writer ; Ming Doyle, artist.
New York’s area known as The Kitchen, where the Irish gangs rule the neighbourhood, bringing terror to the streets and doing the dirty work for the Italian Mafia. The first volume, of this brilliantly illustrated graphic novel.

Syndetics book coverFatal catch : a DI Andy Horton mystery / Pauline Rowson.
An absorbing murder mystery, with plenty of red herrings, and a surprising conclusion.

Syndetics book coverThe trees / Ali Shaw.
A brilliantly realized dystopian fantasy. You may never look at trees the same way again.

Syndetics book coverBlackbirds / Chuck Wendig.Blackbirds
A paranormal hard-boiled thriller, guaranteed for spine tingling reading.