Recent titles featuring Cars and transport

From the A-Z of classic cars to a book on living in outer space these books are all about ‘moving’ us everywhere!

Image from route : Tasman Empire Airways Ltd, flying boats & the South Pacific / Garry Barton, Philip Heath.
“The Coral Route was the first scheduled air service through the islands of the South Seas. Inaugurated by Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL) in 1951 using four-engine Solent flying boats, it flew into the jet age, becoming the world’s last long-haul flying boat route. Since its final service in 1961 the Coral Route has grown into an aviation legend, the passing decades seeing regular embellishments to old tales.” (Book jacket)

Syndetics book coverThe A-Z of classic cars : the greatest automobiles ever made / Hilton Holloway & Martin Buckley.
“Barely contained within the book are many beautiful, powerful cars from the most prestigious international manufacturers Ferrari Daytona, the Model T Ford and the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow through to the Tesla. Many cars within are celebrated as the building blocks of everyday life too, like the Ford Escort, GM’s Buick and one of the world’s most successful cars: the Toyota Corolla.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverHow to go boating and where : the complete Kiwi guide / Mike Rendle.
“This is a book for everyone who wants to begin their own boating career or who wants to add to their knowledge. Written in the same style as his previous bestseller How to Catch Fish and Where: The Complete Kiwi Beginners Guide, the book covers everything from how to buy a boat through to how to launch it, ski from it, catch fish from it and, most important of all, stay safe while doing so.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverBreaking the chains of gravity : the story of spaceflight before NASA / Amy Shira Teitel.
“NASA’s history is a familiar story, one that typically peaks with Neil Armstrong taking his small step on the Moon in 1969. But America’s space agency wasn’t created in a vacuum. It was assembled from pre-existing parts, drawing together some of the best minds the non-Soviet world had to offer. In the 1930s, rockets were all the rage in Germany, the focus both of scientists and of the German armed forces. Meanwhile, the US Air Force was looking ahead to a time when men would fly in space in the thin upper atmosphere. Breaking the Chains of Gravity tells the story of America’s nascent space program, its scientific advances, its personalities and the rivalries it caused between the various arms of the US military…” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverMotocourse : the world’s leading Grand Prix & superbike annual [2015-2016] / [editor, Michael Scott].
The latest edition of the well-loved annual.

Syndetics book coverRailway depots, stations, & terminals / Brian Solomon.
“Using a blend of contemporary photography and historic images, this book examines some of the finest, most interesting, and most famous railway stations, as well as small-town country stations and architectural gems.” (Cover)

Syndetics book coverBeyond : our future in space / Chris Impey.
“A report on humanity’s imminent potential for living in space covers topics ranging from China’s 2020 space station and the colonization of Mars to space-elevator innovations and the mapping of Earth-like exo-planets.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe railways : nation, network and people / Simon Bradley.
Sunday Times History Book of the Year 2015. BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. Shortlisted for the Longman History Today Book of the Year 2016. Britain’s railways have been a vital part of national life for nearly 200 years. Transforming lives and landscapes, they have left their mark on everything from timekeeping to tourism. As a self-contained world governed by distinctive rules and traditions, the network also exerts a fascination all its own…” (adapted from Syndetics summary)