Parenting Recent Picks for February

Back to school time and hopefully that means more time for you to check out the library’s latest parenting books (whilst sitting in the sun of course!) This month has more of a focus on older children and teens, but still covering a wide range of topics.
Also don’t forget about the free coding workshops being held for kids, in the mezzanine room at the library, at the end of February. Read about them here.

Syndetics book coverNurture by nature : understand your child’s personality type–and become a better parent / Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron-Tieger
“Every parent knows that children, even babies, have distinct personalities.  In Nurture by Nature you’ll learn which of 16 distinctly different types best matches your child’s personality; how this personality type affects your child in each of the three stages of development – preschool, school age, and adolescence; how other parents, whose experiences are recounted in scores of case studies, deal with a wide array of challenging situations you may encounter.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSleepy magic : a magical step-by-step night-time ritual for calm, connected and conscious children / written by Danielle Wright.
“This beautiful book is a gift to banish those sleepless nights, strengthen your relationship, while nurturing stillness and self-worth in your children. Perfect for children aged 3 to 10, Sleepy Magic is a simple step-by-step night-time sleep ritual that combines:  Meditation, Affirmations, Imagination, and An essential breathing technique.  It calms your child, creating a loving and safe place for connection.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe happy kid handbook : how to raise joyful children in a stressful world / Katie Hurley
“With all the parenting information out there and the constant pressure to be the “perfect” parent, it seems as if many parents have lost track of one very important piece of the parenting puzzle: raising happy kids.  Katie Hurley…shows parents how happiness is the key to raising confident, capable children.  By exploring the differences among introverts, extroverts, and everything in between, this definitive guide to parenting offers parents the specific strategies they need to meet their child exactly where he or she needs to be met from a social-emotional perspective.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverHow to be the big person your little person needs / Claire Broad.
“How to be the big person your little person needs is a guide for parents with toddlers who are seeking a calmer life with improved behaviour from their children.  It provides step by step instructions for having: · Peaceful households. · Long restful nights. · Finished meals. · Tranquil babies. · Sibling harmony. · Fantastic little listeners. · Big people time every evening. · A solid support network. · Being able to look after you, and them too. This book is different to other books about childrens behaviour because it has a strong focus on the big people too.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverGirl bullying : do I look bothered? / Dr Sam.
“The world of modern day girl bullying is multi–faceted, complex and something every school, youth worker and parent wants to overcome.  Girl Bullying takes a detailed look at these complexities, together with both proactive and reactive strategies for intervening, managing and teasing out the intricacies that are present when girls bully, and fall prey to those bullies. The aim is to help adults working with girls develop a toolbox of strategies and understanding that can help to provide bespoke approaches.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverGeneration Z : their voices, their lives / Chloe Combi.
“Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world of widening social inequality, political apathy and economic uncertainty. They join gangs, are obese, have underage sex, watch porn, drink and are a menace to society.  But they are also curious, kind, creative and worried about the future.  Told in their voices, Generation Z is a shocking, enlightening and funny portrait of how it feels to be young and what it takes to survive and thrive on the journey to adulthood.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSpeed learning for kids : the must-have brain-training tools to succeed at school / Bill Handley.
“Proven strategies to help kids learn faster and better, from bestselling author Bill Handley.  Kids who succeed at school aren’t necessarily smarter than other kids. Often, they’re simply better at learning. Speed Learning for Kids helps you teach your child how to thrive at school by learning more in less time with less effort. The brain-training techniques in this book will enable kids to not just learn faster, but enjoy their learning, memorise as they go, and absorb as much in ten minutes as they normally would in two hours of study.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)


Syndetics book coverFinding Audrey / Sophie Kinsella.
Fourteen-year-old Audrey is making slow but steady progress dealing with her anxiety disorder when Linus comes into the picture and her recovery gains momentum.