Cars and transport: recent titles

This time we have, amongst others, books about transport over the “Northwest Frontier of India”, on the sub-continent, and about the “Middle East Run”, the route “across Europe and deep into the Middle East to Kabul”.

Teak and tide : the ebbs and eddies of the Edwin Fox : from the Ganges to Picton, New Zealand : the changing fortunes of the last surviving 19th century merchantman / Nigel Costley ; with Roderick Glassford & Don Grady.

Syndetics book coverFrom fabric wings to supersonic fighters and drones : a history of military aviation on both sides of the North-West Frontier / Brian Cloughley, Lester W. Grau & Andrew M. Roe.
“The famed, and dangerous Northwest Frontier of India was a rocky, mountainous land between Afghanistan and the settled districts of the Punjab. Military aviation above the frontier has had little real attention, except for a number of lighthearted memoirs about the challenges of flying antiquated aircraft over precipitous terrain. The Pakistani Air Force has taken over the job with more modern aircraft, but it is only since 2004 that independent American activities in the ongoing fight against militancy in northern Pakistan have drawn widespread attention to air power over the frontier. But any wider study of the utility and challenges of air power in the region would be incomplete without a detailed look at the Soviet-Afghan War. The purpose of this book is to provide a compact, yet comprehensive history of air power in this region…” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe Powerhouse : inside the invention of a battery to save the world / Steve LeVine.
“Journalist LeVine (The Oil and the Glory) offers an inside look at the race among industrialized nations to develop a world-changing battery technology. The main players-Japan, China, South Korea, and the lagging United States – all aim to create a powerful, affordable battery to propel electric automobiles and challenge “the provenance of the internal combustion engine.” The book lays out a history of batteries, looking primarily at the period after 1977, when Exxon released the first rechargeable lithium battery. LeVine follows a number of scientists, entrepreneurs, and managers whose contributions slowly advance the technology, but it’s only when Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory and a hopeful, venture capital-funded startup called Envia enter the picture that the race toward innovation gains momentum…” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

cover imageLondon railway atlas: 4th edition / Joe Brown.
“A cartographic masterpiece which provides detailed mapping of the myriad lines which transverse the city, including both London Underground and national railway networks. The clear and detailed large format maps show all tracks and platforms across the network. The new edition has been updated with a massive amount of new detail ideal for enthusiasts and travellers.” (Syndetics summary)

cover imageIndia’s disappearing railways : a photographic journey / Angus McDonald ; foreword by Sir Mark Tully.
“A vibrant photo-essay by Australian photographer Angus McDonald, capturing the sub-continent’s unique narrow-gauge hill railways in all their vivid colour, character and chaos.” (Syndetics summary)

B00BMRTPEM_02___SCMZZZZZZZ_The long haul pioneers : a celebration of Astran, leaders in overland transport to the Middle East for over 45 years / Ashley Coghill.
“It all started in 1964 when two friends gave up promising medical careers to embark upon a journey which few hardened truckers would have considered. In so doing, they were solely responsible for creating the first long haul overland route, across Europe and deep into the Middle East to Kabul. This book is about the company founded by one of those men, from its fledgling days as Asian Transport to the thriving Astran Cargo Services Ltd that it is today. These early long haul drivers would think nothing of a 10,000 mile round trip to Iran or the Arabian Gulf and being stranded at 6,000 feet on a mountain pass with temperatures below -40 was just all in a day’s work. The end result is a detailed, comprehensive and fascinating account of an extraordinary company.” (Product description,