My Discoveries – Make it yours!

My Discoveries allows you to save things you find in the WCL Easyfind catalogue and want to remember for another time. Find out how to set up your account – it’s very quick and easy!


Now you can save things you find in the catalogue and want to remember
for another time. Start by setting up your My Discoveries account– it’s very quick and easy and you don’t need to be a library member

  1. Click on My Discoveries in the top right corner
  2. Click Register if it is your first time using My Discoveries
  3. Enter the name and password you would like to use – when complete click on Create Account.
    NOTE: An email address is required so your password can be sent to you if you forget it at any time. No other data is taken and your email is not visible to any other user. If you don’t have an email address please ask library staff
  4. You now have your own My Discoveries account. Click on Close to get back to the search screen so you can tag and save items – don’t forget to click on Log out when you’re finished

We also have tutorials on how to tag items in Easyfind, and how to save items to a wishlist.