Parenting Picks for May

There a brand new selection of great parenting books this month. Definitely something for everyone this time! They cover a wide variety of topics – from cakes and sewing to tougher parenting problems such as dealing with autistic teens and procrastination. Also, Victoria Young’s truths about motherhood just in time for Mother’s Day!

Syndetics book coverThe gentle sleep book : a guide for calm babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers / Sarah Ockwell-Smith.
“This new book from Sarah Ockwell-Smith, founder of BabyCalm, will be an indispensable guide for parents, whatever challenges they are facing with their child’s sleep – from the day they bring their newborn home until their child is settled into school. Examining everything from frequent night waking in babyhood, through bedwetting in toddlerhood, to nightmares and refusal to go to bed in pre-schoolers, this book provides extensive scientific and anecdotal information, plus plenty of gentle suggestions, to help everyone get a good night’s sleep.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThings I wish I’d known : women tell the truth about motherhood / edited by Victoria Young.
“Look at the front cover of any parenting book and what do you see? Glowing mothers-to-be, or pristine, beautifully-behaved children. But the reality is, your pregnancy might be a sweaty, moody rollercoaster, and your children will almost certainly spend the first few years of their lives covered in food, tears and worse. In this no-holds-barred collection of essays, prominent women authors, journalists and TV personalities explore the truth about becoming mothers.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSimply perfect party cakes for kids : easy step-by-step novelty cakes for children’s parties / Zoe Clark.
“Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids is a stunning collection of 12 easy-to-achieve novelty cakes for children from internationally renowned cake decorator Zoe Clark. The easy-to-follow step-by-step photography will show you in detail how to create and build up each of the cake designs and with Zoe’s tried and tested cake recipes, you’ll soon be making amazing party cakes at home that you will be proud to show off!” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverEssential sewing basics for babies and children / Jenny Benjamin.
“Essential Sewing Basics for Babies and Children is a collection of sewing projects for babies and children, complete with patterns and instructions. As you work your way through the projects, you will become more confident in your sewing and will be amazed at just what you can make.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverRaising stress-proof kids : parenting today’s children for tomorrow’s world / Shelley Davidow.
“Stress is rising alarmingly in our children, both at school and at home. Drawing on cutting-edge research from the Institute of HeartMath, California, as well as Shelley Davidow’s extensive experience in working with children and teens, Raising Stress-Proof Kids explores the powerful and potentially long-term effects of stress on our children. Most importantly, it offers simple but effective steps that parents can take to minimise the impact of stress at home and at school.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverParenting ASD teens : a guide to making it up as you go / Andrew Schlegelmilch.
“A straight-talking guide to parenting teenagers on the autism spectrum, this book offers a school psychologist’s perspective on coping with the issues that can arise during the difficult adolescent years. Andrew Schlegelmilch draws on his experiences working as Head Psychologist at a college preparatory school for teens on the spectrum to provide savvy advice on common parenting challenges including falling grades, adolescent tantrums, relationships with authority figures and peers, sex and sexuality, social media safety, mental health issues, and the transition to life after high school.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book cover7 secrets of raising girls every parent must know : from birth to 18 onwards / Judy Reith.
“Never before have parents been under so much pressure to produce confident, happy and successful daughters, but the new and unexpected challenges of parenting in the digital age can be overwhelming.¬†With easy-to-follow advice, quotes and tips from parents and daughters, this indispensable guide will help you navigate the tricky stuff and show you how to leave your daughter with a legacy of values you’re proud of.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverNot now, maybe later : helping children overcome procrastination / Joanne Foster, Ed.D.
“Parents and teachers will appreciate this guide to understanding procrastination, primarily in children, and to providing straight-forward strategies for helping children develop skills to improve productivity. Not Now, Maybe Later provides over 250 tips on battling procrastination for both children and adults to use now (not later).” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)