Enjoy listening to your favourite stories? – Recent Books on CD Picks for December

Here are some of the latest additions to our library collection of Books on CD. From historical fiction, thrillers and suspense to biographies and travel you are about to find a compelling story. Look for the authors you love and take them with you to keep you company when walking, driving or doing housework and have fun!

Syndetics book coverRipper [sound recording] / Isabel Allende.
“Super-smart high-school senior Amanda Martin is obsessed with an Internet role-playing game, Ripper (as in Jack), and oversees a group comprising four other brilliant misfit teens from around the world as well as her grandfather, who raised her. As Amanda and her cyber-brigade investigate a series of ritualistic murders no one else believes are connected, Allende richly portrays a range of intriguing characters, from Ayani, a famous Ethiopian model and women’s rights activist, to Attila, a heroic war dog. Allende’s tightly plotted tale of crimes obvious and masked is sharply perceptive, utterly charming, and intensely suspenseful.” (Adapted from Booklist)

Syndetics book coverThink! [sound recording] : before it’s too late / Edward De Bono ; read by Nicholas Bell.
“The world is full of problems and conflicts. So why can we not solve them? According to Edward de Bono, world thinking cannot solve world problems because world thinking is itself the problem. And this is getting worse: we are so accustomed to readily available information online that we search immediately for the answers rather than thinking about them. De Bono examines why we think the way we do from a historical perspective and uses some of his famous thinking techniques combined with new ideas to show us how to change the way we think.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverGlitter and glue [sound recording] /Kelly Corrigan.
“Kelly Corrigan examines the sometimes nourishing, exasperating, and occasionally divine bonds between mothers and daughters. She shares her journey between travel and life experience, stepping out and stepping up, and how admiring someone can change over time.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSomerset [sound recording] / Leila Meacham.
“In the prequel to the best-selling Roses, Meacham examines the early history of the three founding families of Howbutker, TX, from 1835 to 1900. The Tolivers, Warwicks, and DuMonts leave their Eastern homes to travel west before Texas becomes a state. Silas Toliver gives up the woman he loves to marry Jessica Wyndham, accepting money from Jessica’s wealthy father that he needs for his dream of establishing a plantation of his own. Jessica’s abolitionist activities in South Carolina had forced her father’s hand, and Silas’s mother warns him that his land will be cursed because nothing good can come from what was built on the sacrifice of love for selfishness and greed. The three founding families remain linked for generations, but the Tolivers and their beloved Somerset plantation are at the heart of Meacham’s novel as they struggle to overcome the family curse.” (Library Journal)

Syndetics book coverWorthy Brown’s daughter [sound recording] / Phillip Margolin.
“Margolin, author of 17 popular legal thrillers, pens a historical novel set in 1850s Portland, Oregon, based on an actual legal suit brought by a black family against a white slave owner. Free man Worthy Brown sues his former master for his daughter’s freedom. Out of sheer spite and wicked lust, Caleb Barbour refuses to release 15-year-old Roxanne to her father, despite Oregon’s law against slavery. Worthy hires down-on-his-luck lawyer Matthew Penny to bring a legal custody suit, though circumstances conspire against them.” (Adapted from Booklist)

Syndetics book coverDeep sleep with medical self-hypnosis [sound recording] / Steven Gurgevich.
“On this simple-to-use, two-CD program, listeners will learn to restore normal, restful sleep patterns and awaken in an energized, refreshed state. Drawing on more than 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, Dr. Gurgevich guides listeners through medically proven techniques to help put an end to sleepless nights, including: Using the mind-body connection to produce deep, restorative sleep and return to sleep easily; guided sessions of hypnosis that evoke the hypnagogic state — the transition state between wakefulness and sleep; and hypnotic inductions that, once learned, work faster than any sleeping pill.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverReturn to the olive farm [sound recording] / by Carol Drinkwater.
“After sixteen months of travelling round the Mediterranean in search of the ancient secrets of the olive tree, Carol returns to her beloved olive farm in the south of France. However, the homecoming celebrations are overshadowed by disturbing discoveries. The plight of the honey bee has become an international crisis and Carol is faced with unsettling news about the hives on her own olive farm.” (Syndetics summary)