New Graphic Novels for October

This month’s selection includes two New Zealand titles, Incomplete Works by Dylan Horrocks and Dreamboat, dreamboat by Toby Morris. Highly recommended is the visually stunning Just So Happens by Fumio Obata.

Syndetics book coverThe Harlem Hellfighters / Max Brooks ; illustrated by Caanan White.
“The riveting story of the highly decorated, barrier-breaking, historic black regiment–the Harlem Hellfighters In 1919, the 369th infantry regiment marched home triumphantly from World War I. They had spent more time in combat than any other American unit, never losing a foot of ground to the enemy, or a man to capture, and winning countless decorations. Though they returned as heroes, this African American unit faced tremendous discrimination, even from their own government. The Harlem Hellfighters, as the Germans called them, fought courageously on and off the battlefield to make Europe, and America, safe for democracy.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverTriple helix / created, written, and drawn by John Byrne.
“Where Trio stopped, Helix starts! There’s a monster on the loose in the City but will the mysterious Changelings of triple Helix destroy it before they realize it’s really an old friend?” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverBuzzkill / written by Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek ; art by Geoff Shaw.
“Ruben is not your average alcoholic; he’s an unstoppable superhero who derives his powers from imbibing massive amounts of alcohol. After all the disasters his addiction has caused, he’s ready to get clean. When he joins a twelve-step recovery program, the city’s supervillains couldn’t be happier.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverHinterkind [1] : the waking world / Ian Edginton, writer ; Francesco Trifogli, artist.
“In a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been pushed to the edge of extinction by the creatures of fantasy and fables. Fifty-seven years after an unspecified biological event has all but wiped out the human race, a green hand has moved over the face of the Earth. Leaf, root and shoot have steadfastly smothered the works of man, remorselessly grinding the concrete, glass, and steel back into the minerals from whence they came. The Hinterkind have returned. They come from hiding places in the lost corners of the world: Centaurs, Satyrs, Elves, Dwarves, Ogres, Trolls, Werewolves, and Vampires. The menagerie that mankind has hung its tales of myth and magic upon but these aren’t fairy tale creatures. They are flesh, blood and passion, and they have a long simmering hatred of humanity.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverIncomplete works / Dylan Horrocks.
“Daydreams, fantasy, true love, and procrastination feature strongly in this selection of Dylan Horrocks’s shorter comics running from 1986 to 2012. It is both the chronicle of an age and a portrait of one man’s heroic struggle to get some work done.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverAmala’s blade [1] : spirits of Naamaron / story and lettering, Steve Horton ; art and coloring, Michael Dialynas.
“The kingdom of Naamaron is bitterly divided into warring factions, Purifiers and Modifiers, with both sides fearing the Great Vizier’s deadliest assassin, Amala. With a price on her head and a ghost monkey on her back the future of both kingdoms may rest in her bloodstained hands.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Dreamboat dreamboat / by Toby Morris.
“Dreamboat, dreamboat is set in Dannevirke, New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s and is the story of a group of teenagers who set up a rock’n’roll band. The teenagers encounter some of the good and bad of the culture of the time, along with legendary music and the cars there is the seedier side where racism, sexism and parochialism come to the fore.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverJust so happens / Fumio Obata.
“Yumiko is a young Japanese woman who has made London her home. She has a job, a boyfriend; Japan seems far away. Then, out of the blue, her brother calls to tell her that her father has died in a mountaineering accident. Yumiko returns to Tokyo for the funeral and finds herself immersed in the rituals of Japanese life and death and confronting a decision she hadn’t expected to have to make.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverJan’s atomic heart and other stories / Simon Roy.
“From the mind of Simon Roy, co-writer and artist of the Eisner Award-nominated series Prophet, comes a collection of gloriously imaginative tales that span time, space, and species.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe Mocking Dead. Volume 1 / written by Fred Van Lente ; art by Max Dunbar.
“A small outbreak can turn into a worldwide apocalypse but only through a long string of screw-ups. Once actual zombies begin popping up in our world, a lone intelligence analyst realizes real-life events are beginning to mimic the events of a long-lost, Grade-Z, drive-in horror flick. As he races to save humanity with this knowledge, he quickly learns the only thing more dangerous than ravenous walking corpses is the ineptitude of the living.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)