Fashion Matters: New beauty and fashion books for June

We have a few treats for you in our new fashion and beauty books this month! If you are looking to try out some new hairstyles, we have a brand new book packed with ideas and techniques to help you achieve different looks (no cut or colour required). We also have tips on dressing like a movie star on an extra’s budget (yes, really) and a style bible dedicated to everyone’s favourite fashion staple – blue jeans. We have some hot new cyclist style and, if you’ve ever felt fickle/materialistic/shallow/all of the above for loving fashion and clothes, we have a new book that explains why it all matters – guilt be gone!

Syndetics book coverA denim story : inspirations from boyfriends to bellbottoms… / by Emily Current, Meritt Elliott & Hilary Walsh.
“This style bible is a chic and sexy look at the myriad possibilities of blue jeans, the classic and ever-evolving fashion essential. A Denim Story showcases timeless images of blue jean style. Featuring such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Patti Smith, Jane Birkin, and Kate Moss, as well as dreamy inspiration boards from the authors’ own work, this volume is full of ideas and inspirations.” (library catalogue)

Syndetics book coverSeven Sisters style : the all-American preppy look / Rebecca C. Tuite.
“The first beautifully illustrated volume exclusively dedicated to the female side of preppy style by American college girls. The Seven Sisters-a prestigious group of American colleges, whose members include fashion icons such as Katharine Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ali MacGraw, and Meryl Streep-perfected a flair that spoke to an aspirational lifestyle filled with education, travel, and excitement. Their style, on campus and off, was synonymous with an intelligence and American grace that became a marker of national pride and status all over the world.” (abridged from

Syndetics book coverGlamorous by George : the key to creating movie-star style / George Kotsiopoulos.
“Offers easy-to-achieve steps for looking like a movie star, combining practical advice and no-nonsense observations for all ages and income levels in areas ranging from clothing and accessories to body types.” (library catalogue)

Syndetics book coverNew York bike style / Sam Polcer ; foreword by Casey Neistat.
“Together, these striking images create the ultimate style guide for anyone who pedals their way through the Big Apple. America may be a nation obsessed with automobiles, but today the bicycle is giving the car a run for its money. And while New York is just one of many cities that is implementing new bike friendly policies, the local cyclist population stands out as one of the most diverse, inventive, and stylish in the world. New York Bike Style celebrates this with full-page photographs of riders and their bikes. Whether they’re pedaling to work or play, racing with a club, or out for a lazy ride, New York Bike Style pays photographic tribute to a city in love with biking in all its forms.” (abridged from

Syndetics book coverWhy fashion matters / Frances Corner.
“This eclectic volume by Corner shows how fashion impacts economies, cultures, and individuals. Corner provides a comprehensive view of fashion not only as a multi-billion dollar industry, but also as a form of beauty and creativity. She acknowledges fashion’s dark side as well: models with eating disorders, a lack of diversity in the industry, ecological concerns, and other issues. While covering a wide range of topics, the well-designed compact volume is organized into 101 self-contained reflections that weave anecdotes from Corner’s life and career with her views on today’s trends. More than an industry primer, the book offers a thoughtful and learned portrait of fashion and its effect on the world.” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverThe hairstyle directory : the ultimate, practical guide to creating classic & modern styles / Christina Butcher.
“From elaborate “up-dos” to casual braids, inspirational hairstyles continue to populate fashion blogs, Pinterest boards, and style magazines everywhere. However, this popularity belies a gaping lack of consolidated and authoritative advice on the techniques required to create these styles, and so the Hair Style Directory presents a comprehensive resource that identifies the practical techniques to create over 80 hairstyles. The Hair Style Directory is aimed at the many people out there who love to experiment with their hair and are either on the look-out for new styles or wish to find inspiration to play with and embellish styles they already know and love. The accompanying step-by-step tutorials then give the reader the instructions they need to replicate that style.” (abridged from

Syndetics book coverChloé : attitudes / text, Sarah Mower ; creative direction, Marc Ascoli.
“This handsome volume chronicles the rise of the fashion house Chloé, a crucible of creativity for some of fashion’s most notable designers. The fashion brand Chloé may be sixty years old, but she still exudes a youthful elegance and femininity. As the first high-end Paris fashion house to sell exclusively ready-to-wear clothing, Chloé has since redefined its look for the modern woman with flattering colors, quality materials, and a series of must-have It bags. Chloé started in 1952 when Gaby Aghion invented the revolutionary idea of luxury prêt-à-porter, taking the craftsmanship of haute couture and making it available to a wider audience. Her focus on the beautiful yet wearable gave the line currency with chic young women.” (Library catalogue)