More zines to <3

We’ve been so spoilt lately – heeeeaaaps of people have been contributing awesome zines to our collection. It’s been great!! So, without further ado, let me show you some of my faves:

Femineast / Wellington East Girls’ College
Yes, you read right, this zine was produced by Wellington East Girls’ College! This is a fun and introductory-type look at feminism – great for anyone who’s ever been put off / mystified / intrigued by the idea of feminism and wants to know more. And big ups to the girls at Wellington East for producing it!

Central Library /
This zine is full of beautiful photos of our own Central Library (and produced by one of our own beautiful librarians). It’s not all books, either – there are some beautiful and unexpected shots in here, including some ‘behind-the-scenes footage.’

Snorklish: Internet Generation Portraiture / Holly
This zine features portraits of famous women (from Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres to Lorde and The Gilmour Girls) with humourous captions. It definitely has a sassy feminist vibe; love it!