New “Big Library Read” eBook title provides Keys to the Kitchen!

Thousands of libraries across the world have joined the latest ‘Big Library Read’ programme, providing the cookbook, ‘Keys to the Kitchen,’ in eBook format to any library borrower who wants it! BigLibraryRead_FBgraphic

Our eBooks are usually limited to how many copies we can provide at any one time, but eBook provider OverDrive and publisher Chronicle Books have allowed unlimited simultaneous access to this title – the latest by Food Network’s chef, Aida Mollenkamp – between the 18th of February to the 6th of March. You can issue the title for the usual 1,2 or 3 weeks as well.

The Daily Mail nominated this tasty title as ‘Food Book of the Week,’ and said:

…she makes an impressive job of it, with detailed, clear and simple advice on shopping for food, storing it, ingredients, prepping techniques, equipment, and so on…anyone who takes the time to follow her advice will be repaid many times over.

All you need to get started with our OverDrive eBook and digital audiobook service, and this latest Big Library Read title, is your Wellington City Libraries’ card and your Overdrive software.

If you haven’t used our Overdrive eBooks (or eAudiobooks) before, visit the OverDrive Help page to get started.  If you’d rather read it in print format, we also have Keys to the Kitchen in our Cookery book collections at Central, Johsonville, Tawa and Kilbirnie libraries.