Hey hey!! If you’ve been into central library lately, you may have noticed that our zines have moved – they’re now parked straight in front of the arts, music and literature desk on the first floor!! So we decided it was time to give our display a wee facelift, befitting its sweet new central locale.


We also have some rad new zines:

photo_1Riff Raff no.07, edited by Emily Jane Russell
This zine focuses on supporting and documenting emerging artists in the Waikato.  It is soooo beautifully put together and is full of glorious things – gorgeous pictures and photographs, and this issue also features boutique jewellery, a children’s clothing range and an illustrator, amongst other pretty things. So if you are from the Waikato, or are a crafter, or simply enjoy looking at beautiful, locally-made things – check out this zine!! You will love!

photo_2extra curricular 12, edited by Ellie Smith
The latest edition of extra curricular has just hit my hot little hands and I am in Love!! Yes, with a capital L! Full of the usual extra curricular deliciousness, I recommend you have a (long, slow) read.

Check out the newness!! Also, remember that we accept zine donations. If you have made your own zine and would like to contribute it to the WCL zine collection, drop it off at the arts, music and literature desk at central and we’ll add it to the collection. Promise!

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  1. woohoo this looks awesome! well done you guys. will have to get in there myself and check out the new digs and sweet new zines 🙂

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