New learning English books!

Our Learning English collection has something for everyone! Books to help you with grammar, reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening, dictionaries, fiction and non-fiction. We also host a group of students every Wednesday morning at Newtown library. They choose their books carefully and then have the opportunity to read aloud with some of our librarians.

I have noticed that a lot of the students prefer reading stories about well known people such as Pele, Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson.

Syndetics book coverNelson Mandela / Rowena Akinyemi.
One of the most popular books is about a very special person who was born in 1918. This child was given the name Rolihlahla, which means ‘troublemaker’ in the Xhosa language. At the age of seven, Rolihlahla went to school, the only one of his brothers and sisters to do so. And it was on his first day at school that his teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave him the English name of Nelson, the name which later became world famous! If you want to know more about his life, his tireless struggle for human rights, the happiness and sadness of family life this is an excellent read. For advanced readers of English, this book comes with an audio CD. It also has a glossary and before and after reading activities to help you understand the story.

Students often use dictionaries to help them with their studies. Did you know we have dictionaries in many community languages? They can be issued for 3 weeks. Here are some examples from our extensive collection!

Syndetics book coverBurmese-English English-Burmese dictionary / by Nance Cunningham, Aung Soe Min.
A practical dictionary for English speakers, including pronunciation and writing guide, chart of Burmese letters, and sections in Burmese script and and Burmese sound.

Syndetics book coverEnglish-Somali, Somali-English dictionary = Ingirisi Soomaali, Soomaali Ingirisi qaamuus / Maxamud Jaamac Qoorsheel.

Syndetics book coverOxford essential Arabic dictionary : English-Arabic, Arabic-English.
“This essential resource offers up-to-date coverage of the day-to-day vocabulary of English and Arabic, with more than 16,000 words, phrases, and translations.” (Syndetics summary