New Gardening books for June

This month we have books covering visual histories of beautiful gardens  and those teaching design principles. Enjoying your garden means engaging the senses  and finding natural pleasurable ways to get things done.  For a bit of fun learn what attracts birds to your garden, build a  treehouse  or garden in your pyjamas.

Syndetics book coverLandprints : the landscape designs of Bernard Trainor / by Susan Heeger ; photography by Jason Liske and Marion Brenner.
“Australian-born landscape designer Bernard Trainor has made it his life’s work to capture the wild soul of his adopted home of Northern California.  Across airy hilltops, craggy seasides, and other one-of-a-kind tracts, Trainor applies simple, understated frames to rugged natural panoramas, the better to bring them into focus. His understated yet powerful landscapes draw inspiration from local plants, regional history, and the contours of the site. Designed to engage all of the senses—the sound of water, the smell of sage—Trainor’s gardens create sensory memories that foster a deep connection to the land.Landprintsshowcases ten of his most ambitious and inspiring gardens through gorgeous photography and detailed project descriptions.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverOrganic gardening : the natural no-dig way / Charles Dowding.
“Bob Flowerdew’s Organic Gardening Bible” is a comprehensive and invaluable guide to gardening in a more natural, sustainable and pleasurable way. Bob has been gardening organically for over 30 years – he knows all there is to know – and he packs this book with advice, top tips, the best varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables and more, in a typically no-nonsense, practical and anecdotal way. He explains how to get rid of pests and diseases but encourage beneficial wildlife, how to manage weeds, how to grow for flavour and quality using the easiest means and how to plan your garden so that it looks beautiful and runs efficiently throughout the year. This book is a must for organic gardening novices and experts alike.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverThe elegant garden : architecture and landscape of the world’s finest gardens / Johann Kräftner. 
“Ambitious in scope and lavishly illustrated, this book surveys every period in garden design and landscape architecture, from classical antiquity and the medieval cloisters to the latest trends in modern design.  From the Roman gardens at Hadrian’s villa to the modern work of landscape architects, historical and contemporary gardens are showcased with special attention to the relationship between gardens and houses.  This gorgeously photographed book will captivate travelers and garden admirers alike, and will inspire gardeners themselves with fresh ideas for design, horticulture, and use.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverVeg street : grow your own community / Naomi Schillinger.
 “A few years ago, Naomi Schillinger got together with her neighbours to start a community gardening scheme. Today, they live in a street in which no less than 100 residents have turned their front gardens over to growing their own fruit and veg: lettuces, leeks and beetroot in raised beds, teepees billowing with sweet peas and runner beans, rhubarb by the door… Whether you live in a rented flat with a window box, a house with a front garden – if you have access to a bit of pavement or decide to reclaim some unloved or forgotten corner – there will be ideas in this book which will encourage you to have a go at growing your own fruit and veg (and flowers) throughout the year; and, in so doing, create your own mini Eden” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book cover10 principles of garden design
“A lovely garden can please the eye in the same way as a beautiful painting can, but the advantage of a garden is that it can also involve all the other senses. Covering all aspects of garden design from planning its configuration, to the mixtures of heights and colours that will work together, to choosing the types of plants which allow the garden to transcend the seasons, experienced garden designer Susie White guides the way. 10 Principles of Garden Design provides an introduction to the field for students planning to study garden design or beginning gardeners.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverA practical illustrated guide to attracting & feeding garden birds : the complete books of bird feeders, bird tables, birdbaths, nest boxes and backyard birdwatching / Jen Green.
“Birds are a delight in the garden, not only for their beauty and birdsong, but also because they eat many harmful garden pests. This book contains a wealth of feeding ideas for backyard birds, from seeds, grains and peanuts to fruits, suet cakes and fat balls, and suggestions for the best flowers, shrubs, hedges and trees to plant to encourage birds into the garden.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverGardening from the ground up : getting started with edible gardens / [published by Penguin Books]. 
“Easy steps to homegrown happiness . Growing your own food is an incredibly satisfying way to get fresh ingredients on your table. But it can be daunting knowing where to start. . Gardening from the Ground Up is the down-to-earth guide to starting and maintaining an edible garden.”(Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverEasy organic gardening and moon planting / Lyn Bagnall.
“Organic gardening leaves your patch of earth in a better condition than you found it by working with nature rather than against it. A practicable and better alternative to chemical-dependent and environmentally unsustainable cultivation practices, organic gardening prevents soil damage, and results in more nutritious food, and fewer contaminated waterways and poison-resistant pests.” (Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverThe vegetable patch : tips and advice for growing your own / Isobel Carlson.
“Get inspired to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs with this practical and accessible guide to seasonal edible planting. Find out when to plant runner beans, where best to store your produce and how to make cider from your apple harvest. With diary pages for recording your own notes, this pocket-sized companion is an indispensable piece of gardening kit for the green-fingered – homemade produce has never tasted so good.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverKeep out! : build your own backyard clubhouse / Lee Mothes.
“With this guide in hand, any family can easily build their own customized backyard playhouse, clubhouse, treehouse, or fort. Charming designs and illustrations make the process fun, and step-by-step instructions ensure success. Lee Mothes covers everything you need to know, whether you have previous building experience or not. Youll love building a clubhouse with your kids, and your kids will love playing in it for years to come” (Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverGardening in your pyjamas : horticultural enlightenment for obsessive dawn raiders / Helen Yemm.
“This is the perfect book for you if you are one of the many people who feel that gardening could be your ultimate pleasure if only you knew just that little bit more about it. Helen Yemm manages to strike a happy balance between giving you enough information to get you going and not so much that it scares you or puts you off entirely. She dispenses invaluable advice, minus the mumbo jumbo, with refreshing humour and a clear understanding that not everyone has the wherewithal, in terms of time and finances, to spend every possible moment in the garden.” (Adapted Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverThe good life : four glorious seasons in my country garden / Sarah O’Neil.
“Four glorious seasons in a Kiwi country garden: ‘Discovering how to be a country bumpkin and rub off some of that city-slicker shine has been an interesting journey with a lot of learning things the hard way and definitely a lot of laughter, hard work and a whole lot of fun. But the best part is we now have a flourishing veggie garden supplying most of our vegetable wants and needs. Life couldn’t be more perfect.”(Syndetics Summary)