Monty’s NZ music month picks for 2013, so far!

Well, it’s almost time to wrap up NZ music month, but before we say a temporary goodbye to emphasising all things kiwi and music, here’s a selection of some mighty good new releases for 2013.

Who do you love?  The haunting subtle music of Tiny ruins;, Homebrew’s Tom Scott has a side project, the more personal @Peace and The Ruby Suns change direction (again) but let’s not dawdle, let’s run, because it’s NZ music month picks for 2013, so far, by me only.

Girl songs Girl songs / @Peace Tom Scott takes an absorbing step left from hometown heroes Home Brew with an album solely dedicated to the broken-hearted (according to the man himself), “basically, I’m a heart broken loser who writes about his pain and his struggle – it’s about loss and love.” Don’t forget the usual high standard of jazz and hip hop inspired music and you’ve got something pretty special here… (Watch the 40s noir inspired trailer below)


Antipodes Antipodes / Popstrangers Auckland trio Popstrangers may be the most uniquely NZ of our NZ music this month with a swirly psychedelic pop guitar sound reminiscent of Flying Nun bands of yesteryear (The Chills, JPS Experience The 3Ds) progressing into something more modern and maybe impressive. They’ve signed with American label Carpark Records – does fame, money and fans await – from the majority of NZ bands experiences I would say no, but I like them!


Sonido de LatinAotearoa Sonido de LatinAotearoa / LatinAotearoa  Jennifer Zea released well received title The Latin Soul album last year, and as if to cement the new, authentic sound of Latin music in New Zealand here are LatinAotearoa! Combining the best of Bossa Nova, Salsa and local influences and including contributions from Tom Scott (again) this is a joyful, original, funky list of songs.


Ruby sunsChristopher / The Ruby Suns  Ryan McPhun (he is the Ruby Suns) was included in Uncut magazines recent tribute to Bryan Wilson and this is no mistake. The Ruby Suns make some of the most elaborate, delicious pop music around and previous albums Sea Lion and Flight Softly are NZ music month classics. Christopher is along similar lines but cleaner, poppier and dressed in golden synths but remember, this is a break-up album!


Tiny ruinsHaunt / Tiny ruins Tiny ruins is dreamy, low-fi, a bit Americana and certainly a little eerie. Hollie Fullbrook plays original tunes from the early years of her songwriting life and they come to life perfectly.