Picture books just waiting to be read!

Great books about being different, being yourself and exploring the world. Share these with your children.

 Syndetics book coverSnap! / by Janet A Holmes ; illustrated by Daniella Germain.
“Sometimes it seems safer to hide behind a scary mask and try to frighten the monsters away. Snapping and snarling don’t always work. This is sensitive and perceptive story about fear of the new”. (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe world is waiting for you / Barbara Kerley.The World Is Waiting for You
“Children need encouragement to follow their dreams, and this attractive book is aimed at all the future explorers out there. It begins, Right outside your window there’s a world to explore. Ready? The text continues by asking readers to follow the next bend in the path, dive in, dig deeper, take a leap. The two-page color photo spreads are surprisingly literal, even for this age group. An archaeologist digs, while an astronaut explores outside his space craft. But on occasion, the pictures are confusing. A boy getting a little nosy looks through a hole, but at what is not certain. Still, Kerley’s encouraging message about moving beyond one’s comfort zone and into areas where real-life magic can happen does inspire. The book closes with a quote by one of the book’s photographers, Anad Varma, that will have meaning for children: The greatest discoveries come from confronting your fears, taking a chance, and not being afraid to make a mistake. Mistakes are often the best lessons in life” (Booklist)

Syndetics book coverBea / Christine Sharp.
“While the other birds peck at ants and watch worms wiggle, Bea likes to bake buns and berry pudding. She loves dancing to disco beats and singing sweet songs to the moon. In everything she does, Bea stands out from the flock! A joyful story about being true to yourself and daring to be different” (Syndetics summary).

Syndetics book coverABC zooborns! / Andrew Bleiman, Chris Eastland.
“Bleiman and Eastland introduce a new group of criminally cute baby zoo animals for each letter of the alphabet in a companion to 2010’s ZooBorns. Crisp, closeup photographs feature cheetahs, flamingos, marmosets, and sloths, among others, while lighthearted prose emphasizes the animals’ unique characteristics: “I is for impala. Our long legs are perfect for leaping. Let’s go for a run!” Extra points for a solid X entry: “X is for X-ray tetra. Attention, science students-my see-through body is very revealing.”” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverNaked Trevor / Rebecca Elliott.
“To the shock of all the other birds, Trevor refuses to wear his sparrow costume, instead going around quite naked! But now the time has come for him to find his own unique outfit, what will it look like?” (Syndetics summary)