Get to the bottom of these picture books!

Don’t make a rumpus, there are lots of rumps, tails and fantastic tales to be seen in these books. Tall butts, short butts, round butts, flat butts. Butts on giraffes and elephants and dogs. Tails are celebrated in this tribute to backsides, rumps, tushies and derrieres.  Books  that will keep kids and grown-ups giggling with glee. Bottoms up!

Syndetics book coverTushes and tails! / by Stephane Frattini.
“A lift-the-flap tale of animal butts—who could ask for anything more? In this 8-inch-square board book, imported from France, each page boasts a full-size flap with an extreme close-up photo of an animal’s derrière. Readers are invited to guess whose backside is pictured and raise the flap for the answer. Frattini has captured an impressive array of rear ends on film, even a bumblebee and a porcupine. A large image of the animal, from the front and in its habitat, is hidden under each flap. On a boldly colored background, several animal facts appear on the flap’s verso in an appropriately playful and conversational tone, while a smaller picture of the animal floats alongside as spot art. A few of the creatures are easy to guess, such as giraffe, cow and squirrel, but there are several stumpers here: okapi, ibex and penguin. The last spread has eight more mini flaps of animal buttocks to enjoy as part of a rapid-fire guessing game. With thoughtfully rounded corners, the flaps are quite sturdy. The trim size and the content will make it appealing to kids who have long moved beyond board books. A distinctive, funny and informative entry into the lift-the-flap genre—kids will hate to see it coming to an end”. (

Syndetics book coverThe lemur’s tale / Ophelia Redpath.
“A ring-tailed lemur is stowed away on a boat from Madagascar, and eventually ends up in the home of an eccentric but dysfunctional family. His night-time antics cause confusion, as he nibbles on the family’s plants and raids their larder. But he brings great joy once they discover him curled up in a teapot, filling a little girl’s life with hope and happiness”. (Library Catalogue)

Syndetics book coverChurchill’s tale of tails / Anca Sandu.
“When Churchill the pig loses his precious tail, his friends help him hunt for a new one. But trying new tails is such fun that soon Churchill has forgotten his friends completely. Can Churchill learn to put friendship first, and solve the mystery of his missing tail?” (Library Catalogue)