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Take a look at the new French additions to our Community Languages collection, featuring a broad range of literary fiction, including historical events and romances, intriguing mysteries and drama. Check out the latest French movies by browsing at the extensive library DVD collection, located in the Sound & Vision section under ‘Foreign’ and find your favourite DVDs. Have fun!

En bas, les nuages : 7 histoires / Marc Dugain.
“Seven stories linked by a narrative: Marc Dugain follows seven men who are now living in Dordogne, Morocco, the United States or in a remote island. Some of them may be cynical, others soft and dreamy, but all are plunged into the murky waters of everyday life. They drift, settle in or try to escape. Are they all losers? Dugain does not enlighten us on this. But, little by little, he builds a clever scenario which blooms throughout his narrative art to surprise the reader!” (Book Cover)

La part de l’autre : roman / Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
“Le 8 octobre 1908, Hitler est recalé à son concours d’entrée aux Beaux-Arts. Que se serait-il passé s’il y avait été admis ? Tel est, en partie, l’objet de ce roman. Car Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt s’est amusé à mener de front deux biographies romancées, celle du dictateur Hitler et celle du jeune Adolf H., admis au concours. Nous suivons ainsi pas à pas leur double évolution, les chapitres alternant leurs vies qui se répondent en écho. L’exercice aurait pu être intéressant s’il n’avait tourné un peu court, faute d’avoir un discours satisfaisant à tenir sur la psychologie des dictateurs. Existe-t-elle seulement?” (Book Cover)

Syndetics book coverSe réveiller en France et survivre le sourire aux lèvres / Sara Crompton Meade ; traduit de l’anglais par Simone Raffin, Emmanuelle le Cann et Marijo Huguet.
“Vue par les yeux de son fils de dix ans, l’auteur relate l’expérience de sa famille qui a quitté la Nouvelle-Zélande pour s’installer en France, sans billet de retour”
“Matthew, an 8 year old child lives happily with his family and friends in New Zealand enjoying his school and his hobbies. His world is turned completely upside down when his parents moved with him in Ramonville St Agne, France. Based on his perspective, Matthew describes in this book his first two years in France, the discovery of a new culture, a new school and, of course, everything in a new language. His story, illustrated with over 100 photographs, reveals, in a lively style, his anxieties and amusements, as he tries to adapt to his new life and survive with a smile.” Back cover.

L’Abyssin : relation des extraordinaires voyages de Jean-Baptiste Poncet, ambassadeur du Négus auprès de Sa Majeste Louis XIV / Jean-Christophe Rufin.
“Louis XIV had never met Negus, the mythical king of Ethiopia, but there were many diplomatic contacts between the two countries. Christophe Rufin based his first novel on the extraordinary adventure of Jean-Baptiste Poncet, through the deserts of Egypt and the mountains of Abyssinia before getting back to Versailles, with inexhaustible ingenuity. The stakes were high since Ethiopia was the object of lust for Jesuits, Capuchins and others who, under the pretext of serving God, would take any country under their control. Having understood the disastrous results that could lead to its mission, Poncet decided to do everything to safeguard the freedom and the mysteries of Ethiopia.” – Gerard Meudal

Syndetics book coverLa chambre des officiers / Marc Dugain.
““The war of 14, I have not known. I mean, muddy trench, moisture through the bones, fat black rats in winter coats that run between the shapeless garbage, odors mixed with tobacco and buried excrement, metal which flows at regular intervals from the sky, as if God could not stop to hound the soldier. It is that war – which I have not known.” In the early days of 14, Adrian F, Engineering Lieutenant is hit by shrapnel on the banks of the Meuse. Disfigured and is transported to Val-de-Grâce, where he stayed five years in the House of Officers. Over the friendships that will forge there, he and his comrades, despite the loss of a brutal part of their identity, reveal all their humanity. This epic dramatic, moving, sometimes funny, we note that injury comes as grace.” (Book Cover)

Le parfum d’Adam / Jean-Christophe Rufin.
“Juliette is a young environmental activist, a real idealist. She participates in a commando operation to liberate animals. The private intelligence agency “Providence”, in the United States, is in charge of the case. They recruit two former agents, Paul and Kerry, who left the Secret Service to go back to school for further studies. Their investigation will plunge into the world of radical ecology and the defense of the environment. The search for a lost paradise, nostalgia for a time when man was in harmony with nature can lead to a murderous fanaticism. Cape Verde to Poland and the Brazilian cities of Colorado, the scent of Adam is a global thriller panting. But this adventure novel is a literary journey, where there are portraits, landscapes and humor that make it so successful.” (Book Cover)

Rainbow pour Rimbaud / Jean Teulé.
“Robert lives in Charleville-Mezieres, with his parents. Like some who know all the words to their favourite songs, Robert knows all Rimbaud by heart.
Isabelle, the operator at SNCF, yet knows nothing of Rimbaud. In between Cairo, Mauritius, Dakar and Tarrafal, these two indulge in love and poetry.” (Book Cover)

Une exécution ordinaire / Marc Dugain.
“In August 2000, a Russian nuclear submarine sunk into the depths of the Barents Sea. Vania Altman was one of the last survivors. Half a century after the death of Stalin, it was KGB that governed Russia. Taking us behind the scenes with the FBI’s curse Edgar, Marc Dugain offers a true story about contemporary Russia. Inspired by actual events, he reveals the profound disregard for life shown by the paranoid guardians of the Russian Empire.” (Book Cover)

La mélancolie du dimanche : roman / Christine Orban.
“Sundays are not like other days. Especially when a young woman finds a lost letter from the man she had fallen in love ten years ago. And the story goes on …” (Book Cover)

Ma vie avec Mozart / Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
“How can you be yourself, accept death and recognizing happiness along the way? For the author of Oscar and the Pink Lady, Mozart is the key that opens all doors, those of passion or of universal love, freedom and the spirit of childhood. His music is filled with light, grace and mystery. This book and a CD of works embrace the greatest Mozart interpreters: Gundula Janowitz, Frederica von Stade, Renee Fleming, Anne Sofie von Otter, Maria Stader, Yvonne Minton, Barbara Bonney, Vladimir Ashkenazy … under the direction of Karl Böhm, Sir Georg Solti, Ferenc Fricsay, Sir Neville Marriner and more.” (Book Cover)


Syndetics book coverThe age of reason [videorecording] / a film by Yann Samuell.
“Margaret is an accomplished businesswoman who manages her career with steely determination. But on her 40th birthday, a provincial solicitor contacts her with some forgotten letters she wrote to herself when she was seven, the age of reason. Immersed in the letters, Margaret takes a journey back into hidden memories, and slowly realises that she has lived a life very different from her childhood aspirations….” (Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book cover My piece of the pie [videorecording].
“After losing her job at the local factory, single mother France enrolls in a housekeeper training program and lands a job cleaning the apartment of wealthy power broker Steve. When Alban, Steve’s 3-year-old son, arrives on the doorstep to stay with his dad, Steve soon realizes he might need more than a cleaner. France realizes she might now have the perfect opportunity for payback against the man who almost single-handedly shut down the factory where she worked.” (Syndetics Summary)

Syndetics book coverThe women on the 6th floor [videorecording] / Phillippe Rousselet presents a film by Phillippe le Guay.
“Paris, 1960. Jean-Louis lives a bourgeois existence with his neurotic socialite wife Suzanne while their children are away at boarding school. The couple’s world is turned upside down when they hire Maria, a Spanish maid who introduces Jean-Louis to an alternative reality a few stories up on the sixth floor. Befriending a group of sassy Spanish maids, the women teach him there’s more to life than stocks and bonds, and their influence on the house ultimately transforms everyone’s life.” (Syndetics Summary)