Picture books to take away with you on Holiday

Christmas is a special time for children, so here are some great holiday reads to share over the Christmas break. We hope you enjoy them, and wish you a happy and safe Christmas!

Syndetics book coverThat dog at the beach! / by Janene Cooper ; illustrated by Evie Kemp.
Some dogs are well behaved but some dogs are just nuisances but loving and kind and always good fun. A great book to read in summer about a mischievous dog. (Staff Member)

Syndetics book coverToo tall houses / Gianna Marino.
Owl and Rabbit are good friends and neighbors atop a hill, but when Rabbit’s garden blocks Owl’s view of the forest Owl builds a higher house, which prevents sunlight from reaching Rabbit’s plants. A beautifully illustrated and very entertaining fable about neighbourly competition. (Staff Member)

Syndetics book coverBernie [loves] Flora / translated by Laura Watkinson.
“Bernie the bear and Flora the duck have been best friends for a long, long time. They enjoy the same things and love to work together in Bernie’s garden, where he grows the most beautiful flowers. But one day, Flora arrives at Bernie’s house to find that his flowers have all disappeared! And there’s no sign of Bernie either”–Back cover.

 Syndetics book coverSammy and the skyscraper sandwich / Lorraine Francis & Pieter Gaudesaboos.
“Sammy is very hungry so he makes a sandwich. A big sandwich. Probably the biggest sandwich you’ve ever seen” (Back cover)

Syndetics book coverLittle Tug / Stephen Savage.
“Little Tug knows what to do when the tall ship, the speedboat, and the ocean liner need him, and at such times, he is indispensible.” (Back cover)