Sport & fitness

This month’s selection includes books on card games, golfing tips, fishing, rugby, football and more. Enjoy.

Syndetics book coverGolf’s Moment of Truth : How to play under pressure and conquer the choke point / Robin Sieger.
“Whether amateur or Tour professional, every golfer will experience that crucial moment when victory hinges on just one shot. Make it, they win; blow it and they will re-live the memory on the golf course for years to come. They have arrived at their personal ‘moment of truth’. The question is: can they do it? The follow-up to his successful Silent Mind Golf, and second in a major new four-book series, this new title sees Robin Sieger explore the concept of ‘choking’ and apply his easy-to-grasp mental conditioning techniques to help golfers at all levels perform under pressure.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverUltimate Book of Card Games : The comprehensive guide to more than 350 card games / by Scott McNeely ; illustrations by Arthur Mount.
“Classic and comprehensive, this guide to over 350 games is sure to appeal to all ages. From Bridge to Poker and Solitaire to Hearts, card games are a beloved source of entertainment and competition (and they are recession proof!). This authoritative book is ideal for every household, college dorm, family cabin, or neighborhood bar that has a pack of cards……” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing : How to catch striped bass, sharks, tuna, salmon, ling cod, and more / Captain Al Ristori.
“This complete book contains valuable information on more than 125 popular saltwater gamefish species. Includes tips and insights on selecting the correct rods and reels for each gamefish, an overview on terminal tackle, easy-to-follow illustrations of knots and rigging, conventional and fly-fishing techniques, a lowdown on boats and marine electronics, and a section on marine conservation and how you can help protect our gamefish populations.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverScratching the Horizon : A Surfing Life / Izzy Paskowitz with Daniel Paisner.
In 1956, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz stepped away from a successful medical practice and began a lifelong surfing odyssey that grew to include his wife Juliette, and their nine children. Together, the Paskowitz clan lived a vagabonding bohemian existence, eschewing material possessions in favor of intangible riches like health and good cheer … all the while careening along the world’s coastlines in search of the perfect wave. In Scratching the Horizon, Izzy Paskowitz looks back at his unusual upbringing, and his lifelong passion for the sport that carries his family’s stamp.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverEating Dirt : Adventures and Yarns from New Zealand’s Action Man / Steve Gurney.
“Steve recounts some of his recent extreme adventures – in the Sahara, on Mount Cook, and in other remote parts of the world. He also talks about his experiences of the Christchurch earthquakes which have impacted on him markedly. In true Gurney fashion, this book is part riveting story and part philosophy, all told with humour and style”–Publisher information.

Syndetics book coverThe Heart of Our Game : Players and Personalities in New Zealand Rugby / Steve Hale.
“Rugby has a special place in the hearts of most Kiwis. While other sports rise in popularity, scratch any one of us and there’ll be a rugby association somewhere not too far from the surface …. And behind every winning team there are the runners-up and an equally dedicated band of supporters, coaches, linesmen and referees who understand much about what it is to be a rugby player and a Kiwi. Steve Hale has been talking to one or two and he’s come up with 28 gems as a result. See what’s really going on in the sport that used to unite a nation, and can still fire up our passion. After all, it’s much than a game of two halves – it’s the game of our lives.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverThe Kiwi Fisherman’s guide to life / Ian Chapman and Michael Rendle.
“A quirky, broad selection of Kiwis share their passion for fishing and for life. From trophies and near catches, to foibles, philosophies, obsessions and preoccupations, these fisher-folk open up with unbridled enthusiasm to two obsessive fishermen”–Publisher information.

Syndetics book cover365 Family Games and Pastimes / Martin & Simon Toseland.
“A year-round treasure trove of games, hobbies and pastimes — from cribbage and consequence through recipes and magic tricks, to sardines and forfeits. Easy-to-follow and jam-packed with activities for all ages, this is a book to dip into at any day of any season, but it is also a compendium to savour for years to come….” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverPole to pole : One Man, 20 Million Steps / Pat Farmer.
“In a feat that ranks with the brave and inspiring deeds of Scott of the Antarctic, Sir Edmund Hillary and Jessica Watson, famed Australian ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer did what no human has ever done: run from the North Pole to South Pole. His mission: to raise money for the Red Cross to fund water projects in the world’s neediest regions”. (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThere’s a Golden Sky : How twenty years of the Premier League have changed football forever / Ian Ridley.
“In its first 20 years the Premier League has moved football from a state of unprecedented crisis against a backdrop of recession, strikes and hooliganism to a global sport of unimaginable riches. To mark this anniversary Ian Ridley takes stock of a phenomenon that has changed English football and English society forever. Taking in the game at all levels and across the country, There’s A Golden Sky is a full picture of the game today with all its glitz and glamour, rags and riches.” (Global Books)