Art, graphics & typography

Keep up with the latest trends and developments in type, then learn how to apply this knowledge with two of these very useful recent picks. Also, more cutting edge art, enjoy!

Syndetics book coverArt now. Vol. 3, A cutting-edge selection of today’s most exciting artists = Ein Aktueller Überblick zu 73 Internationalen Künstlern = Une sélection actuelle de 73 artists de la scène internationale / edited by Hans Werner Holzwarth.
“A cutting-edge selection of the artists that matter the most. Tracking the trends of art in the world today, bringing you illustrations and information about all the most important artists.” – (adapted from description)

Syndetics book coverKorean contemporary art / Miki Wick Kim.
“This unique survey exmines the contemporary art scene in Korea, which is one of the most dynamic and least known areas of the contemporary art work. The works of today’s Korean artists are rarely found between the pages of any general art book, yet they have become a major force in the global art world. Korea is rich with internationally renowned painters, photographers, and multi-media artists. This book features Korea’s most talented and prolific artists and their works …” – (adapted from description)

Syndetics book coverTypoholic font to form. Typoholic A to Z.
“Typoholic collects a sampling of the most recent trends and developments in type design by designers who utilize such diverse mediums as illustration, craft, fashion, photography and performing arts to manifest their designs whether for branding, editorial, product, promotional or installation based applications. Includes an introductory section showcasing more than 40 new type families.” – (adapted from description)

Syndetics book coverType navigator : the independent foundries handbook / Jan Middendorp & TwoPoints.Net.
“A useful current overview for designers, consultants, agencies, and their customers of modernfonts, independent foundries, and innovative type designers… Whether a reader is in need of a specific type of font, is looking for fonts by a select designer, from a certain country, or even just wants to compare prices, Type Navigator will provide the necessary information.” – (adapted from description)

Syndetics book coverVisual storytelling : inspiring a new visual language / [edited by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, and Floyd Schulze ; text and preface by Andrew Losowsky ; project descriptions by Rebecca Silus].
“The main idea behind visual storytelling is to take familiar image contexts and use them in a new way. By penetrating meaning and creating associations, abstract correlations can be visualized in a manner that is both easy to understand and aesthetically innovative. Today, visual storytelling is being used intensively in newspapers, magazines, websites, advertising, business reports, and museums. With its collection of inspiring, insightful, interactive, and entertaining examples, the book Visual Storytelling reveals how the contextualization of information is pushing the envelope of today’s design and aesthetics.” – (adapted from Publisher’s description)