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Soon to be displayed in the fiction area for our Fiction Focus month of June are the carefully edited graphic novel selections of Grant Buist.  They kick off next week’s graphic novel curated collection.  A ‘curated collection’ is one where a person (fan/expert) has chosen their favourite books (or in this case, graphic novels) to form a mini collection.  You may know Grant as the creator of the Jitterati comic strip which appears weekly in the Capital Times.  He’s also an accomplished graphic artist, soon-to-be artist in residence at the Museum of City and Sea, an avid graphic novel reader and library fan.

 Here are his top ten favourite graphic novels –

Syndetics book coverHark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton, Drawn & Quarterly, 2011
“”Hark! A Vagrant” takes readers on a romp through history and literature — with dignity for few and cookies for all.” (Description from Library Catalogue)

Syndetics book coverWidgey Q. Butterfluff by Steph Cherrywell, SLG Publishing, 2010
“Widgey Q. Butterfluff is an upstanding resident of Snugglepump Valley, a magical land where it’s perpetually Saturday morning, TV cartoon-style. Hence, Widgey is sweet and cute and nauseatingly cheerful. She and her friends defend Snugglepump Valley from the archvillain Lord Meanskull and his hench-witches. With personality and pluck they avert such clichéd kiddy-cartoon catastrophes as pollution, puberty, and nonspecific drug addiction while also tackling more obscure problems, such as high-school flashbacks, dinosaur Santa, and emo-teens. As a send-up of the sanitized, feel-good cartoons kids are subjected to these days, Widgey is spot-on.” (Description drawn from Syndetics)

Syndetics book coverCapacity by Theo Ellsworth, Secret Acres, 2010
“Exactly the kind of book you discover in a dream – perhaps a whole library full – and long for so badly when they vanish upon waking. Only this one still exists in the conscious world. An indispensable visionary handbook with crossover instructions for navigating the dreams we dream in our sleep and the dream that’s dreaming us.” (Craig Thompson — author of Blankets)

Syndetics book coverThe Wrong Place by Brecht Evens, Drawn & Quarterly, 2010
“In his first English-language graphic novel, Belgian artist and musician Evens presents readers with a lushly illustrated, heartbreaking portrait of two twenty somethings living in a nameless city.” (Library Journal)

Syndetics book coverDuncan the Wonder Dog by Adam Hines, Adhouse Books, 2010
“What if animals could talk? Would some of them form a militant group in reaction to how humans treat them? Would humans treat them different? Come explore this dense tome of an alternate universe where the lavish renderings recall Dave McKean.” (Syndetics review)

Syndetics book coverThe Cardboard Valise by Ben Katchor, Pantheon, 2011
“In this winsomely haunting graphic novel from Katchor — whose weekly strips have been collected into The Jew of New York and Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer, among others — an overstuffed suitcase becomes a ripe, comic metaphor for modern life. Set in a world tilted about 45 degrees away from reality, Katchor’s story follows a number of characters through their quirky obsessions, each of which highlights a uniquely curious take on modernity.” (Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book coverI Will Bite You! and Other Stories by Joseph Lambert, Secret Acres, 2011
“This volume collects many of the self-published mini-comics of a lauded newcomer and includes some new material as well. The comics here are sophisticated, unusual narratives about animal musicians, mischievous children, cavemen and heavenly bodies.” (Amazon)

Syndetics book coverAsterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli, Pantheon Books, 2009
“Asterios Polyp, its arrogant, prickly protagonist, is an award-winning architect who’s never built an actual building, and a pedant in the midst of a spiritual crisis. After the structure of his own life falls apart, he runs away to try to rebuild it into something new.” (Library Catalogue)

Syndetics book coverSet to Sea by Drew Weing, Fantagraphics, 2010
“After a career turning out much-admired Web comics and small self-published work, Weing produces a classic tale of the sea and self-discovery in his graphic novel debut. The unnamed hero is a poet who writes overblown verse about the wonders of sea life, while trying to pay his bar bill with promises of book dedications. That attitude quickly changes when he’s shanghaied aboard a clipper bound for Hong Kong. At first a lumbering victim, the poet is pushed to the limit in a battle with pirates and discovers the strength and courage he never knew through violence.” (Syndetics review)

Syndetics book coverPinocchio by Winshluss, Last Gasp, 2011
“In this dark rendition of a classic tale, a greedy Geppetto builds Pinocchio as a metallic weapon of war, while Jiminy Cockroach is a homeless squatter living the good life in Pinocchio’s skull.” (Publisher’s description)

Find Grant’s choices on display in the fiction area, on the ground floor of the Central library, beginning June 5th.  (Feel free to take any of them out too!)

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  1. The fantastic collection of graphic novels at WCL is extensive, so a bit of expert guidance is very appreciated. It’s also a great opportunity to bring graphic novels to the attention of people who are not familiar with the format. Excellent idea!

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