Great Transit of Venus talk last night

Transits of Venus talk by Professor John HarperA big thank you to Professor John Harper for a great talk about Transits of Venus at Central Library last night. Both the scientific aspects of the Transit of Venus and historical notes of interests from previous transits were explained and brought to life by Professor Harper as he shared his considerable expertise and knowledge on this fascinating astronomical phenomenon.

And thank you also to everyone who came along last night – it was fantastic to see so many of you who are interested in the Transit of Venus.

If you would like to take the last opportunity in our lifetime to see the Transit of Venus yourself, you can join the Wellington Astronomical Society next Wednesday 6th June on the City to Sea Bridge (next to Civic Square) from 9.30am – 2.30pm to view the Transit of Venus as it happens (weather permitting). It’s so important that you don’t ever look at the sun directly as it will damage your eyes irreparably, but you’ll be able to view the transit safely with the Society, using their equipment. If the weather prevents any viewing outside on Wednesday the Society will be stationed inside the library on the first floor (by the current Transit of Venus display) and we’ll have live feeds streaming from around the world.

Also, take a look at the website for The Royal Society of New Zealand, with a range of really good information about the Transit of Venus and what’s happening this year, including the 2012 Transit of Venus Forum – Lifting our Horizon and Pounamu, an online game which asks the question – “How do we treasure and build on what we already have – land, people, knowledge and connections – with new tools, new capacities, new connections and new ways of thinking to generate prosperity for all?” Sign up to play the game and have your say on the issues discussed at the Transit of Venus Forum.

transit of venus image