New zines – Carla’s picks

Beloved by e.s. Fletschinger

Beloved is a comic’s zine about a grandpa who has just lost his partner. He’s sad and lonely, and getting used to his new life. This zine is really nice because it feels so real. It is a bit sad, but it does have a happy ending. Make sure you come to the library and check it out. It’s quite touching.

A rough guide to bicycle maintenance.

This is the famous DIY Portland based  zine on how to take care of your bike. The zine introduces you to bike-shop-politics, bike parts identification, how to fix a flat, an intro to the tools you will need, brake basics and further literature on repairs and maintenance. This zine is awesome because it is super useful! If you learn some new tips on how to fix your bike you can save lots of cash.

Obsessive consumption: what did you buy today? by Kate Bingaman Burt.

Kate is a really talented illustrator besides being an obsessive consumer. In this cute little zine you will fine drawings of Kate’s daily new acquisitions. This zine is cute funny. You can check out her drawing style here.

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