Book about a world-famous street cat

Amazon cover linkA street cat named Bob / James Bowen.
Whenever the world gets you down it’s very heartening to read a real feel-good book with a happy ending – boy comes right, cat comes right. James Bowen was a recovering heroin addict living in a rundown housing project in London when he nursed an injured cat back to health. This was no ordinary cat but a very handsome ginger tom with a geat deal of character and intelligence. When James tried to release him back onto the streets he resisted firmly and insisted on accompanying him wherever he went, riding on his shoulder on the Tube, on the buses and in the street. James is a busker and the cat, wearing a variety of knitted scarves and bandanas, became a real attraction. He has been constantly photographed and videoed and his YouTube presentations have gone viral around the world. Both James and Bob have appeared on BBC and the Richard and Judy show,and hosted many book launches at prestigious shops, Bob often being requested to add his paw-mark to James’s signature. It is easy to get sentimental about animals but Bob does seem to be an extraordinary cat and James credits him with saving his life, His story is direct, simple and very appealing.

Update: Busking cat is heading to Hollywood