Check out some new architecture books gracing our shelves…

Architecture crossing the boundaries, shelter, and natural light and space that transcends the physical are some of the subjects explored in our current selection…

Syndetics book coverDistinct ambiguity : GRAFT / [edited by Katja Bromberg, and GRAFT].
“As its name suggests, GRAFT’s groundbreaking architecture and design crosses boundaries between disciplines and “grafts” the creative potentials and methodologies of different realities to each other. By doing so, the collective has created a pioneering architectonic and visual language that takes surprising, seemingly contrary combinations of ideas and melds them into projects that are aesthetically innovative as well as sustainable and socially meaningful. Distinct Ambiguity is the first book to present GRAFT’s comprehensive body of work. It is structured into 5 thematic chapters that reflect the fundamental aspects of the collective’s inimitable approach. Each one — Ambiguity, Curiosity, Narration, Happiness, and Courage — is illustrated by stunning visuals of the work that best illustrates the concept, from the celebrated projects of the Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans to resorts in harmony with their natural surroundings, zero-energy villas, and whimsical home furnishings. Insightful chapter introductions and project descriptions provide detailed documentation of the inspiration, context, and processes involved in creating some of the most visionary and relevant architecture and design of our time.” (Amazon)

Syndetics book coverThe architecture of natural light / Henry Plummer.The Architecture of Natural Light
“Shelter and natural light are fundamental elements of architecture. The first is concerned with protection from natural elements; the second with the creative and sometimes spiritual interaction between the man-made and the natural worlds. One is solid and static, the other illuminates and animates.  Architects through the ages have preoccupied themselves with how to marry these two opposing aspects of architecture, a marriage that at its finest transforms natural light itself into a building material. Seen through the eyes of an architect and photographer, The Architecture of Natural Light is the first publication to consider the many effects of natural illumination in contemporary buildings. For all those seeking to create space that transcends the physical, The Architecture of Natural Light is a powerful and poetic yet practical survey that provides an original and timeless approach to contemporary architecture.” (Amazon)

Syndetics book coverThe future of architecture : since 1889 / Jean-Louis Cohen.
“Truly far-ranging? both conceptually and geographically? “The Future of Architecture Since 1889″ is a rich, compelling history that will shape future thinking about this period for years to come. Jean-Louis Cohen, one of today’s most distinguished architectural historians and critics, gives an authoritative and compelling account of the twentieth century, tracing an arc from industrialization through computerization, and linking architecture to developments in art, technology, urbanism and critical theory. Encompassing both well-known masters and previously neglected but significant architects, this book also reflects Cohen’s deep knowledge of architecture across the globe, and in places such Eastern Europe and colonial Africa and South America that have rarely been included in histories of this period. It is richly illustrated not only with buildings, projects and plans, but also with publications, portraits, paintings, diagrams, film stills, and exhibitions, showing the immense diversity of architectural thought and production throughout the twentieth century.” (Syndetics summary)                     

Tiny homes : simple shelter : scaling back in the 21st century / Lloyd Kahn.
“From the author of Shelter, the 1973 seminal work on historical, small scale, and do-it-yourself home design and building, this utterly charming volume on tiny houses examines trends in conservation and moderation that have led to a resurgence in small, custom, and sustainable dwellings. The volume is divided into sections covering permanent homes, tiny homes on wheels, designs by architects, prefabs and kits, straw bale/cob, tree houses, mobile homes, and houseboats. Each featured home includes numerous color photographs of the project and architectural details, as well as commentary on the philosophies, motivations, and techniques of the builders.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverPassive houses : energy efficient homes / [editor], Chris van Uffelen.
“The new Generation of Ecological Architecture Building owners today are increasingly confronted with the question of energy efficiency. Aside from mandatory national requirements and optional certificates, a general consensus of passive house has emerged. Within a few years this building standard has become widely spread. Depending on the climatic zone, passive houses require very different technologies, interventions and steps to be taken by the architects. These have meanwhile evolved from the formerly very uniform look of the passive house and are now found in buildings with very different appearances. This volume portrays approximately 60 singe family passive house homes and shows a multitude of great and at the same time sustainable architecture. Seaside in House in Grosseto, Italy (Modostudio) House in Bessancourt, France (Karawitz Architecture) House.” (Library Catalogue)