The Darwin Awards and more in popular non-fiction

We’ve got your summer slice of non-fiction reading right here with these recent picks. Memoirs, exposés, environmental examinations and the latest installment of the Darwin Awards.

Syndetics book coverMaking our place : exploring land-use tensions in Aotearoa New Zealand / co-edited by Jacinta Ruru, Janet Stephenson, Mick Abbott.
“Fascination with the interplay of people and place inspired the editors to bring together New Zealanders from differing backgrounds and disciplines to explore some of the stories and sites of conflict and change to be found amongst our sacred, historic, rural, urban and coastal landscapes. All engage with the underlying question: are there better ways to reconcile the tensions inherent in our struggles with the land and each other? Issues fundamental to identity are placed at centre stage: indigenous rights and restitution, development and conservation, claiming and naming.” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverClimate code red : the case for emergency action / David Spratt & Philip Sutton.
“Spratt (an Australian businessman and co-founder of Carbon Equity, “which advocates personal carbon allowances as the most fair and equitable means of rabidly reducing carbon emissions”) and Sutton (convener of the Greenleap Strategic Institute and founder of Green Innovations) review, for a general audience, the recent scientific evidence concerning climate change and affiliated issues of Arctic sea-ice melt and biodiversity. They then analyze current debates about climate policy targets, arguing that the 2 and 3 degree change targets being discussed are far too high, if we want to avoid disaster, and set out a plan for staying within one degree and make the case for its immediate implementation due to the emergency nature of the crisis.” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverFish : a memoir of a boy in a man’s prison / T.J. Parsell.
“Now a writer and human rights activist, Parsell’s mission to end sexual abuse in prisons gets a powerful testament in this memoir. On probation for entering an empty hotel room, and subsequently arrested for attempted robbery of a photo shop (with a toy gun), 17-year-old Parsell finds himself facing up to 15 years in the Michigan prison system…. Parsell does not shy from expressing his raw emotions, realizing his brutal experiences in brave, honest language.” – (adapted from Publisher Weekly description)

Syndetics book coverThe Darwin Awards : countdown to extinction / Wendy Northcutt.
“From the creator of comes the latest in the world’s most popular humor series. Readers will find all-new stories chronicling humans who step onto the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder, enumerating just how uncommon common sense is.” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverSliding down the hypotenuse : a memoir / by Eric Beardsley.
“In the 80 years since veteran journalist and broadcaster Eric Beardsley arrived in Christchurch from the West Coast, he has lived a full and varied life and devoted much time to observing the Canterbury scene, its people, politics, conflicts and progress. The result is SLIDING DOWN THE HYPOTENUSE, an eclectic and wholly delightful mix of memoir, biography and history….” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverDaylight robbery : a story of bankers, shysters & others who want to steal your money / Ian Wishart.
Who benefits from state asset sales? Follow the money as Ian Wishart looks at what happened to Air New Zealand, Kiwirail, South Canterbury Finance and more.This searing expose of one of the biggest issues in politics will be sure to capture attention as the world heads towards another major financial crisis…” – (adapted from Syndetics summary)