Want to avoid overdues this Christmas and New Year?

With so much happening over silly season don’t get caught out with overdue fines. Sign up with Library Elf and get an email BEFORE items are due!

What is this?

Library Elf is a service which can help you keep track of the items you’ve borrowed, and the titles you have on reserve. You can get updates via email of when your items are nearly due, and when items are overdue.  And if you’re a parent, you can add your child’s card to your account, so you can monitor that at the same time.

Please note: Library Elf is an independent service based in Canada, so we are unable to take responsibility for Library Elf ’s failure to deliver e-mail or other notices. If you’re interested in signing up to this service, we do advise you to read through the information provided first, in particular the privacy statement about the library card details you’re providing to them.

Interested? Click through and sign up to Library Elf!