A pinch and a dash for your personal journeys

A map to find your way and a dose of willpower to win friends in the digital age, find love after 35, and liberation from anxiety make up our mix of new personal development picks this month.

Syndetics book coverHow to win friends and influence people in the digital age / Dale Carnegie & Associates ; with Brent Cole.
“Since its initial publication, How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold a total of 15 million copies. The book continues to sell briskly today, but Carnegie never anticipated the ways in which the digital age would provide new tools and challenges for winning friends and influencing people. The advent of social networking sites, the dominance of email, and the ways in which the Internet has supplanted face-to-face interactions have made Carnegie’s precepts all the more immediate and vital. Brent Cole, working in tandem with Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., has re-imagined the original book for the digital age, updating and reframing Carnegie’s insights about communication, self expression, and leadership.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverWillpower : rediscovering the greatest human strength / Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney.
”For years the old-fashioned, even Victorian, value of willpower has been disparaged by psychologists who argued that we’re largely driven by unconscious forces beyond our control. Here Roy Baumeister, one of the world’s most esteemed and influential psychologists, and journalist John Tierney, turn this notion on its head. They show us that willpower is like a muscle that can be strengthened with practice. The latest laboratory work reveals that self-control has a physical basis and so is dramatically affected by simple things such as eating and sleeping – to the extent that a life-changing decision may go in different directions depending on whether it’s made before or after lunch. You will discover how babies can be taught willpower, the joys of the to-don’t list, the success of Alcoholics Anonymous, the pointlessness of diets and the secrets to David Blaine’s stunts. There are also fascinating personal stories, from explorers, students, soldiers, ex-addicts and parents. Based on years of psychological research and filled with practical advice, this book will teach you how to gain from self-control without pain, and discover the very real power in willpower.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverThe map : finding the magic and meaning in the story of your life / Colette Baron-Reid.
“In this inspiring and illuminating book, internationally acclaimed intuitive counsellor Colette Baron-Reid shares powerful life-changing concepts and practical methods to guide you on your personal Quest for wholeness and meaning. Discover the powerful symbiotic link between the psychospiritual world you inhabit and the outer conditions that influence your perception of reality. Understand that your contemporary desire to ‘have it all’ is incomplete, masking a profound yearning for connection, integrity and wholeness. Uncover the secret of how to identify, explore, and ultimately transform the inner world you inhabit through the powerful, universal metaphors of the environment, where you identify where you are deep in the landscape of your psyche, when that place was created and why it keeps calling you back and away from the true present, and who the voices are that you’re listening to, which help or hinder you on your life’s greatest journey.” (Global Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverLove for grown-ups : the Garter Brides’ guide to marrying for life when you’ve already got a life / Ann Blumenthal Jacobs, Patricia Ryan Lampl, Tish Rabe ; with Toni Sciarra Poynter.
“Over thirty-five and still seeking that special someone? About to take a serious relationship to the next level and want to make sure it works – for keeps? The Garter Brides can help! These three friends – whose name derived from the lucky garter passed from one woman to another – met and married wonderful men later in life. Now you can tap into the wisdom of this special sisterhood through the true stories and real-life strategies these women – plus the dozens of others they interviewed – used to meet the right guy, fall in love and create exciting, happy and fulfilling lives.” (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverThings might go terribly, horribly wrong : a guide to life liberated from anxiety / Kelly G. Wilson, Troy DuFrene.
“Rejecting the use of diagnostic labels (agoraphobia, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.) as part of a medical legacy best left behind, psychologist Wilson (Mindfulness for Two) and writer Dufrene (Coping with OCD) approach anxiety as a mild dysfunction treatable with “acceptance and commitment therapy” (ACT), a way of becoming “more psychologically limber” in order to “negotiate crowds, participate in social functions, take risks, and so forth.” The collaborators contend that behind much anxiety is an inability to deal with ambiguity; as such, they suggest a series of exercises to stop the cycle of brooding that arises from problems that do not have clear, immediate solutions (and which may be unsolvable). Many of the techniques they propose (visualization, “mindful breathing practice”) are familiar exercises in mindfulness, but the most important message of ACT is not to avoid situations that produce anxiety. Instead, this empathetic guide helps readers recognize that brooding over painful or disorienting thoughts is a natural part of everyone’s life, necessitating the flexibility to “work around obstacles inside our own heads.” (Syndetics)