Another great selection of new Graphic Novels

Featuring alchemy, monsters, Pink Floyd, war stories and more.

Syndetics book coverUnknown Soldier [1] : haunted house / Joshua Dysart, writer ; Alberto Ponticelli, illustrator.
“Aa compellingly original war story, Dysart and Ponticelli introduce an unlikely antihero: Dr. Lwanga Moses, a Harvard-educated African whose philanthropic visit to a Ugandan refugee camp takes a nightmarish turn. One day while Moses and his wife, Sera, are treating maimed children, the doctor suddenly snaps, running into the jungle and shooting a rebel soldier responsible for a child’s injury. But the soldier is also a child, and the guilt-ridden doctor tries to destroy his anger by mutilating his own face. After a nun nurses him back to health, Dr. Moses becomes a gun-toting, bandaged-face bodyguard for Uganda’s orphaned children, protecting them from government soldiers and guerillas alike.” (adapted from Booklist review)

Syndetics book coverStop forgetting to remember : the autobiography of Walter Kurtz / Peter Kuper.
“Based (very loosely) on cartoonist Peter Kupers real life, this novel tells the story of his alter ego Walter Kurtz, who is struggling through what has been ominously warned will change your life: the arrival of his first child.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverWe kill monsters [1] / story, Christopher Leone & Laura Harkcom ; writer, Christopher Leone ; pencils, Brian Churilla ; inks, Hilary Barta & Brian Churilla.
“Two unassuming auto repair shop owners are thrown into the role of hunters when a giant monster leaps from the shadows and infects Jake’s arm. Now requiring “monster juice” to survive, the brothers must become hunters and town-savers as the monster infestation grows.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverFestering romance / Renee Lott.
“Janet’s been friends with Paul since they were kids. The only problem is, Paul is corporeally challenged. Ghostly puppy love might be enough for Paul, but when Janet meets the (alive) man who just might be the one, her phantom doesn’t take it well. Then, when Janet finds out that the guy of her dreams has his own skeletons in the closet, their fledgling romance is hit hard. Will love overcome death? Or will their pasts haunt them forever?” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe alchemist : a graphic novel / Paulo Coelho ; [adapted by Derek Ruiz ; artwork by Daniel Sampere and others].The Alchemist
“This is Paul Coelho’s second novel, which has been a global best seller. The story seems like something from the land of Scheherazade, told by one lover to the other in postcoital bliss, all with the outward simplicity yet deep resonance that is common to fables.  Beneath this novel’s compelling story and the shimmering elegance with which it’s told, lies a bedrock of wisdom about following one’s heart.”  (adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe Pink Floyd experience / Spike Steffenhagen & Jay Allen Sanford, writers ; Ken Landgraf, penciler.
All five issues of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series The Pink Floyd Experience have been out of print and in demand for over fifteen years. As showcased in Pink Floyd’s own official box CD set Shine On, the Floyd comics chronicle rock’s most enigmatic, psychedelic warriors, from their early days with stoner icon Syd Barrett, through their split (and later reformation). With art by Marvel and DC star Ken Landgraf (Wolverine, Hawkman, Nightwing & Flamebird), this collection also includes updated material, bringing the saga up to 2010. (Amazon)

Syndetics book coverWest coast blues / adapted by Jacques Tardi from the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette ; [edited and translated by Kim Thompson].
“Nominated for two 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards: a savage noir thriller reuniting a master crime novelist and a superlative French cartoonist. George Gerfaut, aimless young executive and desultory family man, witnesses a murder and finds himself sucked into a spiral of violence involving an exiled war criminal and two hired assassins.” (adapted from Syndetics summary)

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  1. Read west coast blues and thought it was brilliant – resonant, like a Highsmith comic. ‘It was the war of the trenches’ and ‘you are there’ are very good by Tardi as well.

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