A Door to Creativity

DSC02285Over the years, Mary had collected all of her favourite greeting cards and textured wrapping papers from the gifts from her friends and family. She kept them in a special box inside her closet which she opened from time to time to indulge in the sweet memories of cherished moments. It was only recently that Mary decided to paint the white door to the living room in her family home. She was struggling to find an appropriate colour when a particular wrapping paper came to mind. She opened the box and her imagination took over. The collage on the left was the result.

Mary never gets tired of looking at the door as each image reminds her of a significant moment or a special person in her life.


Some reference titles to help you with your own collage are:

Syndetics book coverCollage : assembling contemporary art / Editor, Blanche Craig.

Syndetics book coverCollage sourcebook : exploring the art & techniques of collage / Jennifer Atkinson, Holly Harrison and Paula Grasdal.

Syndetics book coverCollage for the soul : expressing hopes and dreams through art / Holly Harrison and Paula Grasdal.

If you on the other hand like to use coloured paper to decorate any surface combining different media such as paint you can find useful information in the following titles:

Syndetics book coverGlorious papers : techniques for applying colour to paper / Ruth Issett.

Syndetics book coverHandmade home : simple ways to repurpose old materials into new family treasures / Amanda Blake Soule.

There are so many practical items we can create by reusing materials we have at home and there are various books in the library collection to give you ideas and practical tips as to how you can be artistic. After all, there is always an open door to creativity!