Mum, he/she did…..


As the title, My dearest enemy, my dangerous friend: making and breaking sibling bonds indicates, this is an area of relationships that can be fraught with tension. Most siblings have tales to tell and author Dorothy Rowe presents a different way of thinking about these conflicting feelings.

Shyness can be debilitating for some people. In Steve Flower’s book The mindful path through shyness: how mindful & compassion can help free you from social anxiety, fear and avoidance looks at patterns that can isolate shy people and shows ways to change. Techniques include stress reduction, meditation, breathing and yoga.

Some people appear confident in all situations. Leslie Sokol and Marci G. Fox’s book will teach this through Think confident, be confident: a four-step programme to eliminate doubt and achieve lifelong self-esteem. Cognitive therapy is the basis of their programme and by recognising, rethinking, eliminating and replacing self-doubt confidence will be achieved.

Learn about yourself in these books and look at others including sadness, what motivates us, meditation and personology in February’s Self Development Recent Picks.