Found Mag!

found1Found Magazine was, er, founded one night after Davy Rothbart, Found’s point guard, discovered a note on his windscreen intended for someone else entirely. Inspired by the note’s ‘amazing mixture of anger and hopefulness’, he started  up a magazine chock full of found items, notes, photographs and drawings.

The library has six shiny new editions, some of which are replacing the well-thumbed copies we already hold, some we’ve never had.

found2The first issue contains gems like a hand-written pledge to find David Cross tickets, a stick-figure interpretation of Jesus and a heart-breakingly hopeful short story written on prison stationery. Issue Six has a finder’s spotlights on everyone’s favourite heroes Dan Clowes and Miranda July.

found4They are incredibly dense wee things, perfect for reading in your tea-break or on the bus. Come down to the WCL and take one home today!