Nine million bicycles in Beijing.

Amazon link.A bicycle is the most used method of getting from A to B and this has been David Byrne’s primary mode of transport in New York City since the 1980’s. Travelling with his folding bicycle he began to explore other cities. Part travelogue, part journal, part photo album his Bicycle diaries are an account of his experiences travelling through Berlin, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Sydney and more.

Small fry: play; inspiration for creative play with kids is written by the Small Fry team. The focus is to encourage parents and carers to return to basics and encourage free play rather than more structured activities. Other books by the Small Fry team cover creative play and being outdoors.

This is the ideal book for lovers of sport and statistics. Rugby to remember: a collection of programmes and match reports from 100 years of New Zealand rugby by Lindsay Knight celebrates games at the provincial level through to test matches.

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