5 down, 6 letters….

Amazon link.Cryptic crosswords are as popular as ever but what do we know of the lives and¬†minds of those who set them?¬† A display of lights (9): The lives and puzzles of the Telegraph’s six greatest cryptic crossword setters by Val Gilbert includes biographical information as well as some of the best crosswords of all time. Pens at the ready!

Following on from his first biography Rhythm and swing Sir Richard Hadlee has written about the next phase of his life. Changing pace: A memoir covers health issues, his relationship breakdown and how he has created a new life both on and off the field.

In this professional age of sport, coaches are the ones to take the blame for poor results. Wayne Bennett has been the coach of the Brisbane Broncos for 21 years with a remarkable run of successes. Read how he has achieved both longevity and an impressive record in Wayne Bennett: The man in the mirror by Bennett and Steve Crawley.

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