The finishing touch.

Amazon link.It is little things that impact on the look of a room but getting it right can be easier said than done. Accessorize your home: over 400 perfect finishing touches for your living space by Caroline Clifton-Mogg will help to add decorative details and imaginative displays to individualise your home. And what is most important is these ideas will not break the bank.

Chris Gleason, a professional cabinet-maker has┬áno time for fussy, period furniture and his book Building real furniture for everyday life focuses on practical, sturdy and modern items. No time, little money and minimal tools – not a problem he says. Sensible furniture on a budget will be the result.

Organic gardening is becoming more popular as people increasingly want to know what they are eating. Growing organic: green tips for New Zealand gardeners by Nick Hamilton and Philippa Jamieson is a handy guide with information on preparing the soil through to harvesting the crop. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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