Do this at home!

Amazon link.According to author Jerry Silver, you can improve your knowledge of physics without expending a lot of energy. He has written 125 physics projects for the evil genius, a title he uses for himself, to guide people through experiments without the use of a formal lab, a large budget or years of technical experience. Topics cover motion, gravity, energy, sound, light and more. Adults – ask your children first.

But wait there’s more. Quantum physics for dummies looks at what it can do for the world. Steven Holnzer has written this to be compatible with classroom textbooks and courses, letting students study at their own pace.

And more. Three other book also covering the subject of physics – General relativity: an introduction for physicists, Lightening: physics and effect and Practice in physics.

If this topic is not for you, look at other books on this month’s Science Recent Picks including climate change, genetics and fossils.