Auckland Zinefest: just wonderful

Well we took our zines on a trip to see Auckland Zinefest, and for Auckland Zinefest to see our zines. They seemed to like each other. Actually, our zines got quite clingy so we brought back some of their new Auckland zine-friends they made. So that’s nice. Tessa and Nick and the Cross St Studios clan did an amazing job putting it on, there were inspirational workshops with prominent ziney types (lots from Wellington) and delicious cookies. And so many amazing zines!

Check out soon for photos of the event.

We also had the honour of co-judging the Zine of the Year award with neighbour catsinternational judge Mikel Krumins. It was heart-in-mouth stuff but we decided that Neighbour Cats took the cake with its lovely concept, exquisite presentation and super cute drawings.

The second issue of Neighbour Cats is now in our collection, along with about 40 other exciting new editions acquired in Ak, so come in and grab them while they are hot!

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