DIY is the new green

Whether to save money or to get a sense of achievement through producing your own vegetables DIY gardening is becoming more popular. In The healthy soil handbook , organic gardeners give advice on making the soil nutrient rich with minimal effort while reducing water usage. A healthy soil will produce healthy results.

Many people would like to try growing vegetables but feel they may not have the time, the space, the environment or the know-how. Dennis Greville’s book Easy on the pocket vegetable gardening : growing your own groceries guides the novice through all aspects and confidently states that year-round vegetables will be the result.

The residents of eight houses in America have allowed architectural photographer Bilyana Dimitrova into their homes. Chosen for their distinctive interiors that blend in with the personalities and lifestyles none of the homes in To each his home : inspiring interiors as unique as their owners have been designed by professionals.

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