Reveal your inner French girl

Author and knitting designer Kirsten Griffin-Grimes has compiled a book of patterns with a floaty and feminine feel. French girl knits are inspired and influenced by French vintage fashion and makes use of historical techniques with a modern twist. These garments will not keep out the winter chill but start now so they are ready for the warmer weather to come.

Crafts have become very popular recently. In her book The crafter culture handbook author Amy Spencer looks at the reasons for this trend, stating that crafters “create” as a political protest. Read the book and decide for yourself while making some of the projects she includes.

Jennie Atkinson, author of Beads, buttons & lace encourages the addition of these items to dresses, tops, cushions, bags or anything that needs a lift. Instructions, technique information and ideas will help with inspiration.

This has to be the best title of the month! The big-ass book of crafts by Mark Montano – worth a look.

Find out more about these craft projects and others featuring patchwork, quilting, ribbons and trims via this month’s Recent Craft Picks.