Jane – she’s going to live forever!

Claire Harman’s study of Jane Austen is entitled In Jane’s fame : how Jane Austen conquered the world. Considering that Wellington City Libraries has 104 titles by Jane Austen in over ten formats including a number of languages, this seems a reasonable statement. The book covers her early life, her struggle to become published and her determination to succeed. The latest Jane Austen incarnation, “Pride and prejudice and zombies : the classic Regency romance – now with ultraviolet zombie mayhem” has been published recently. What would Jane think of it? – with amusement hopefully .

Leaving formal education with an E in history hasn’t stopped Karl Pilkington giving his unique take on museums, galleries and other places of cultural interest. Karlologoy : what I’ve learnt so far is the result.

More than 250 women writers are introduced by author Elaine Showalter in her book  A jury of her peers : American women writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx. It spans 400 years and includes household names and those less well recognised. Enjoy learning more about your favourite authors and introduce yourself to new ones.

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