Earth People at local Art Gallery in Upper Hutt

Upper Hutt librarian Tennille shares with us the events during Race Relations week:

We had five school classes in and opened it to the public on Sunday and took the project out to the Timberlea Community Centre on the Monday.

We celebrated Race Relations Day by holding a quiz about different cultures and had a discussion about how we are different and how we are the same. We had fantastic answers from the kids i.e. we are all the same because we need love, company etc.
We then had a matching game with pictures of children from all over the world. The classes had to match them with the country and facts about their way of life. We ended with the Earth People project.

They were displayed at Expressions Art Gallery in Upper Hutt in a peace symbol. The classes are coming back to see them displayed, then they are going to take their little critter and crumble them back to the earth at school.

you read the story, now have a look at the pictures, they are awesome! follow this link:


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