Karori Earth People

On Wednesday afternoon on the 18th March, Karori hosted its Earth People programme which has been going now since 2005. Attended by about 28 children and 12 adults, it was an event that as usual showed the breadth of imagination of the young and older crafters of clay. The people produced by these hands included self portraits, brothers and sisters,¬†soccer goalkeepers saving balls in front of their goals, lounge lizards watching TV (with clay aerials) and all sorts of interpretations of people and themselves. The concept of making your own person out of clay obviously gave people the vehicle to delve into their imagination and there was a great deal of concentration¬† and crafting going on. It’s great to see five year olds aided by their parents sitting next to 14 year olds, all quietly focused on their creativity, and enjoying the process in a thoughful but satisfying way. So there is a line of unique, individual sculptural’portraits’ on display along the issues desk of Karori Library for all to see before the artists claim them for their own.