Newtown Voices – Part 3

Enjoy reading these comments from people in our neighbourhood? Come to Newtown library and have a look at their photos in the tent. A wonderful display created by Violka and Lucy, both team members at Newtown library.

George and Constantina (Greek) love Newtown because it is so multicultural, there is nothing like it. they think is is lovely to be somewhere where everyone, regardless of culture or age, mix together without boundaries and create a lovely community vibe. Both of Kiallis Cafe.

Kirsty and Jeanne like Newtown because it is so eclectic and the people are friendly. Both of Opportunity for Animals op-shop.

Navin (from Fiji, been in NZ 29 years), loves Newtown because of its cultural mix. Navin feels at home in Newtown and never out of place. He also adds that Newtown has a nice feel and great coffee! Navin is from Kajal Creations.

Vince (New Zealand Italian), lovel Newtown because of its character and all the different nationalities. Vince is from Newtown Fish Market.

Jason (Kiwi) and Nick (English) like Newtown because of all the funny characters you meet. Both of Just Hockey.

Nana and Pamela (been in NZ since 1973) love Newtown because it is so multicultural, the people are so nice and it is a very special place. Both of Ranchods Enterprises.

Flo (New Zealand Dutch 1st generation) grew up in Newtown ad thinks it is a great place, loves events like the Newtown Fair. Flo is from the Newtown SPCA.

Walter loves Newtown because it is so close to everything and he can get away with making loud noises at all time of the day and night. Walter works in Maintenance from his Newtown workshop.

Fred likes Newtown because a place so special is very rare. Fred does Mechanical Repairs from his Newtown workshop.

Josh, Nick, Jason and Nick (all Kiwi), like Newtown because of the variety, the colourful nature and the friendly people. All of Newtown Fire Station.