Johnsonville this morning!

Jenny and the team at Johnsonville had a fantastic programme preprared. We all sang ” who are the people in your neighbourhood” an old Sesame street favourite from Jenny’s childhood. Special guest was Michael White from the Human Rights Commssion.

Michael attended with his wife and two young children. We all¬†enjoyed two special performance of the Mabuhay Association from the Philippines community in Wellington. Two very skilled young girls demonstrated a special dance with bamboo sticks, called Tinikling. It is an indigenous dance derived from the local birds called “tikling”. Have a look at our pictures. Yu (team member at Johnsonville) taught us how to count and say a few greetings in Chinese, thank you Yu!

Then we all joined in to make a symbol out of clay , representing our cultures and of course Earth People. Thank you Johnsonville for a great morning enjoyed by all! Check out the photos!