The Diversity Fern

Diversity fern The Diversity Fern is the logo of the New Zealand Diversity Action Programme. It was designed by Malaysian-born New Zealand designer Jean Voon for Race Relations Day in 2005 and continues to be used in publications, Race Relations Day publicity material, and for Diversity Action Programme activities.
The fern represents the growing cultural diversity of New Zealand. Starting from the base of the fern, the motifs are as follows:

  • Traditional kowhaiwhai pattern from a painted panel. Manutuke church. (1849) Rongowhakaata Tribe.
  • Fleur de Lys design loosely representing the European population, taken from hinges on St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland.
  • Samoan pattern from tapa cloth.
  • Traditional Chinese character found on silk cloth. The character ‘shou’ means longevity.
  • Indian paisley, used in henna (mendhi) designs to adorn the hands.
  • Vietnamese motif from a piece of woven fabric.
  • Middle Eastern motif (Iranian).
  • Baby fronds symbolising new growth.